Monday, September 9, 2019

Somethings are haunted!

 A favorite car picture with Trailer.
 I know That Pontiac is an early 1950s model station wagon.
Maybe haunted is not a good word, but there are tools and things that don’t like me. When I use desk staplers, they jam a lot. I can’t seem to pour coffee without a few drops on the table.
Did I mention maps? No one believes it, but I have read maps over a lot of the world. I have always reached my destination. I plotted flights for spyplanes to places I cannot tell and they all reached their destination and every one of them returned and landed back on the ship safely. BUT somehow, I was assigned the name by my family of wrong way Jack and U-Turn Jack.
It was little things like driving 100 miles WEST on the wrong road, when I was supposed to be driving directly North to Canada. You know, small things. Others not even worth mentioning, like refueling the coach and then getting back on an interstate going the wrong direction. That is always fixed by a u=turn at the next exit. Some places you need to see ‘twicet’ LOL
Oh yeah the coon. Again during the night, Sherry wakes me. There is noise in the basement. WHAT?
So down to check. Several things on the deck from shelves but not near the damage as before. I decided to electrocute the dude. So I started building a dangerous killing device. Two sheets of metal one positive one negative with bait between them. He steps on both at the same time, instant electric chair.
Then common sense took over. What if someone comes in this basement and you have been called away or even died. This is a death trap. So I put the ruined extension cord and alligator clips up. Quietly propped the garage door open.
I set off a ‘bug bomb’ in the far corner hoping it would encourage him to leave. I set the trail camera at the door, hoping to see him leave. I didn’t see him.
Maybe the basement is haunted. I may sit on the basement stairs tonight with my hearing devices turned up to max. I’ll get a shovel, gold club or mace for defense. I hope it is a friendly ghost. I may use ultra violet lights to see the ghost.
Final later I hope…

Nite Shipslog

PS: Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand?
PS 2: Sherry woke me again, my coon is still in the basement. Only one jar broken. (not funny yet!)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those unexplained things that go bump in the night are hard to track down for sure. I 'm one that has to get up and search it out. I used to use a big heavy flashlight that I figured I could clobber someone with now Im more caution and use the light on my phone to guide me around I guess if I found something I could always call 911. the house does sometime make noise in the night especially when the temperatures change. And I have found cat paw prints on the hood of my care in the mornings. I've never come across a ghost, but that is not to say I won't. Never say never...

betty said...

Time to call an exterminator? My hubby usually gets up to check out noises he hears that aren't "normal, routine" ones. With the air conditioning running a lot during summer sometimes its hard to hear them though. We have a pretty secure locking system but of course one never knows!

Let us know the continued tales of your raccoon! Just don't adopt him like you adopted Stormy.


Lisa said...

Maybe it is a ghost, maybe it is Stormy?
Can't wait to hear whats going on down there.

From over here

yaya said... have a problem that just might need a professional exterminator. Coons are pretty big so it's hard to imagine that one would roam around the basement undetected. Of course they sleep all day but just remember that sometimes they have rabies. That would be worse than ghosts.

Mevely317 said...

Everybody's being so logical, and I'm over here like, "Ooooh, don't hurt Rocky!" :) Seriously, I hope he/she doesn't panic and hurt you or Stormy. (Sherry, I presume is too smart to venture down there?)

Your directional challenges cracked me up. That was SO my daddy!

Chatty Crone said...

Is it your new quest that gets out of the cage? Once he is caught - take him and the cage 15 miles away and let him go!

Glenda said...

You have a number of options from the comments above; I'm thinking get a coon dog with a big bark!!! Love and hugs, Glenda

Jean said...

I hired a guy a few years ago to do some work for me he told me he went over to the animal shelter and recorded a bunch of dogs barking and put it in his shed with a motion detector to scare off burglars. I have no idea how it worked, are how he rigged it are I would fix me one (smile) This might help if its rocky, but don't think it would work on a ghost.