Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Where to die? Mountains, road or the beach?

Early interesting Cars: The '88 Camaro

And so today:
Where to die? My girl of course wants to die in Belmont (many years from now) the place of her birth.
ME? I like it here in Belmont but I would rather be On the road, on the water or deep in the mountains. I am not a beach person, but I love the sea and salt air. I did enjoy the beach early in our lives. BUT Hearing devices do not deal well with saltwater nor sand.
I think I could live on a boat, not sure the size required.  Maybe a good sized sailboat maybe 38 ft long like the coach.
So either place would be an okay place to die.
My comrade Dallas, used that statement when we looked at their latest home. I asked, “Well do you  like it here?”
“It is a pretty good place to die,” he retorted with a smile.
At first I thought, the boy ain’t right! But then our age came to mind (early 80s), it is something to consider.
I hate to beat a dead horse, but I cannot settle my mind.  Sherry also has mixed feelings.
We walk most evenings, we could walk around and round this block area, but there are no side walks. We had staked out a 2+ mile walk and were enjoying it. We like to walk and wave at folks on porches.
BUT on one walk, ‘Sonny’ came out to meet us. He wanted to talk, you are familiar with ‘Sonny’ I am sure. When he wants to talk, that means he does’t want to listen. He is new in town and said, “I have friendly neighbors but all they want to do is smile, wave and get into the house. A Mr Biggerstaff stopped by a couple times to talk, but he stopped coming this way.”
So to myself I said, ‘I wonder why he stopped.’ Now We take an alternate route if Sonny is on the porch or out in the yard. I despise myself for not being able to say something like, “Sorry but I don’t have time to talk, I gotta pee!”
On the road we do not have that problem. Someone named Sonny should be like the REAL SONNY I knew!
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Most of us don't get a choice on where we'll be when the time comes...I like to thing more of it as how to share to spend the rest of our lives, not where we'll be when we die. You do have your choices, however and hope you are not on the road. that wouldn't be at all for Sherry. I can only imagine the people that died in the hurricane never thought that was where they would die.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't care where I die - I worry more about how. lol I wish I could die fast at home and not suffer. But I guess we all do. sandie

Lisa said...

That's funny you posted this. Just this past weekend, me and Nick were looking at new campers (just for the fun of it for now). And there was one particular one that I said, "This one! I could die in this one! Lets buy it next".

keep breathing

bobbie said...

BEACH, Beach, beach for me!!! And I know exactly where ~

Mevely317 said...

You raise an excellent point, Jack! Personally, I'd opt for the boat … Tom can just roll me over the side. LOL. Don't suppose I'm so afraid of death, as I am the process of dying.
Are you sure Sonny's not related to my Tom? Sometimes I fear that man could talk the paint of a stop sign. I wonder if Sonny's not terribly lonely. Maybe he needs a dog?

Glenda said...

OMG, today I told my electrician "friend" yeah, he's a boy but had his heart broken last year when his gorgeous wife died suddenly and his health/mental status has declined dramatically, I'm told. [So, I cannot call him a "boyfriend" even though I'd like to, my heart goes out to him for his pain.] He's an ole rocker who plays a mean guitar and just dropped out of the band and pretty much working in his chosen profession (only returned my call because we have a mutual connection) doesn't answer the business phone or eat right due to that trauma. He's US Army proud and an amazing guy who life handed a whole bushel of lemons. Tonight, my heart hurts. I told him today that when I sold my original Okeechobee home I toyed with the idea of a "liveaboard boat" and talked myself out of that concept. I had "Too much stuff".... HELLO. The reality is, I am the least mechanical (or musical) person I know, and it would be a major challenge to live on a boat on the Intercoastal. But, I'm glad you brought this up, I think.

Jean said...

I try not to think about dying, but at eighty-five it could happen any time. Yes, I will be that in a month. I'm still up and around doing good and feeling young. (smile) I've had carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand in March and having it done on my right one next week. The surgery isn't all that bad just having my hand done up for two weeks is the worst. I'll probably be here are nearby when I pass, I'm not planning on going anywhere. I don 't care to live on the beach or mountains. Just a small town like Opp.(smile}You and Sherry take care. Jean

betty said...

I just want it to be fast. I don't want to suffer or have a prolonged illness, but like Ma said, we don't get to choose. I read a great quote about death the other day but you'll have to wait until I finish the book I'm reading and review it, (little cliffhanger here). My FIL was a great talker. I wonder how many neighbors avoided going out if they saw him out there working to not get involved in a conversation with him.