Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Talent and prices

Early interesting Cars:
 1937 Alpha R

And so today:
Granddaughter Megan is a beautiful lady, a great mother and is a sweetheart. She took a turn in the passenger’s seat of the motor home on the trip back. She liked the view.
Megan is an inquisitive person. She is a nurse by profession but has ‘retired’ to pursue her love, art. She is very good. One of her passions is to take an object, and make it the subject of ‘art’.
She asked, “How did you get interested in building houses? It seems so complicated!”
How do you price a house? I keep trying to be logical at pricing my art. Some go by time. Many go by the square inch on paintings.
I told her on my first house I went by material costs and my time at $10 an hour. The lady that bought the house asked after the closing why I had sold it so cheap. I was shocked, I had made $10 an hour.  LOL
I smiled at the question of building, and tried to answer it.  It is hard to actually answer. Like many builders I have no formal training.
It has taken me years to realize that not everyone can build a house. Since it sorta ‘comes naturally’ to me. It took years to understand we ALL have a ‘knack’ about something. I smile at my girl at times when I mention a city, she will say something like, “Oh yes, highway 63 goes thru there.” She knows FACTS, roads and highways, holding that info comes naturally to her.
There are mechanics who listen to your engine or drive your car and tell you exactly what is wrong. Many just go on an Easter Egg hunt.
There are Doctors and attorneys the same way.
The painting teachers on TV can produce what I would call a master piece in 15-30 minutes.
I try to remember in all occupations and professions there is one who was head of the class and one who was the last in the class. And inexplicably, at times the last in the class may be the best because they may try harder (maybe).
The ‘Expert’ in a field is the one who has been trained along with having that ‘knack or desire’ to do something that comes natural.
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PS: In pricing Art and houses. The price of art is judged by talent, the result, where a house price can be logically SET!


Mevely317 said...

I never thought about that!
Except now I'll probably be up all night, trying to figure out if I have a knack … and where I might have left it?!

betty said...

Can you showcase some of Megan's art work? Sounds fascinating. I hadn't really thought of who decides what a house will cost. I know a lot of it depends on where the house is because the land may be worth more in certain parts of the country, etc. My husband always make a joke when he says "do you know what they call the lowest score doctor in medical school?" The answer is "doctor" because no matter what, as long as you pass you are still a doctor. Some take naturally to what they want to do, others have a passion but not the talent. Good thoughts today Jack!


Lisa said...

Yea,↑ what Betty said! I would love to see some of her art.
Sounds like you two had a deep conversation with no real answer. haha.

From over here

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with your way of thinking. A valuable piece of art does get to be valuable because of the talented person that painted it. I don't think you can put a price on it by including and hourly wage. It would be impossible.

Dar said...

I used to do 'crafty' art and knit, crochet, paint, but never could put an actual ' price ' on items. My time was valuable to me of course, but like my dad always said, " If it has to have a price on it, or if you make more than one of anything, it becomes a job. The fun is out of it." He was right. I, like daddy, never could put a ' price ' on things, so they were either given as gifts or kept for ourselves. It sounds like you and your granddaughter had a wonderful visit.
loven'hugs from up north where the rain is falling fast and hard