Thursday, February 13, 2020

I thought the world could blow up!

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For today:
Is there a hot springs near you?  Have you ever visited the Yellowstone?
 Big bend Hot Springs spills right into the Rio Grande. You can wade right across into Mexico.

We have been in hot springs in Texas, North Carolina and in the Northern Yukon of Canada.  There are HOT springs all over the world. Chile alone registers over 270 hot springs. We have never been there, but Iceland has ‘The Blue Lagoon’ that is constant at 98 to 102 degrees year round.

The Yellowstone boasts a large hot springs and no wonder, you walk around and drive thru and you see steam rising from holes and cracks in the ground all over the place. I am sure had I been an explorer I would have sworn the place was gonna blow up and ran for my life.

 Not just Old Faithful, but hundreds of other places..

From the beginning when people discovered the springs most were considered a place to soak for healing. Whether it is true or not; it sure feels good to bask in that warm/hot water.  In the Yukon they had signs along the bank giving the temp of the spring as it ran into a creek. People would ease TOWARD the boiling part a little at a time. It was plainly noted at a certain temp no child under 10 could get into the water.

At Hot Springs North Carolina it has been modernized and pumped into hot tubs and you pay by the hour to use them. WE backed packed thru there hiking the AT, so we had to give it a try! At the other hot springs there has been no charge. It was just a regular creek or pond.

EVERYONE knows something there is that heats that water.  I was taught in school that our earth has a molten core, bubbling molten iron. Now I am told modern science says we have a solid Iron core with a surrounding molten core. Then the crust we live on. Any way you look at it, some of that heat is leaking out and heating some springs.

Yep, evidently scientists aren’t worried about it, and they live here too!
Go ahead, if you have a chance jump in, I would if I was close to one now! LOL!

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betty said...

I have visited Yellowstone and seen the hot springs there. I have never gotten into any though, but some cold days if I had the chance, I might just do so :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hot Springs sounds pretty good right now. It's pretty cold here. Meanwhile I have to settle for a hot tub of water here in the bathroom to soak in.

Mevely317 said...

Not to my knowledge, no. Back in the mid-80's I visited Calistoga (California) hot mud baths... euphoric! Highly doubt I'll ever get back there, but Hot Springs actually sounds doable. Hmmmm.

Dar said...

Never have been to a hot springs tho my sister enjoyed them when she lived in Alaska. It's been below zero again so a hot ' anything ' would feel good right now. I'd think it would be quite therapeutic. OH, the thought of it.
love n' hugs from up north where we patiently await spring and it's wonderful rays.


i have never been to yellowstone or visited any hot springs. was at hot baths in arkansas years ago. it may have been connected to springs, i don't know. it is 7 degrees outside tonight. I'm bundled up in an electric blanket. hubby and i have been carrying a fever and having chills. hope to shake it soon. warm water washing over me, from those springs you talked about, would be nice for sure. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Sherry. Enjoy.

Lisa said...

Another place I have never been. Heck I have only been to SC , NC and two spots in Florida. I have a lot of catching up to do before I die. Ha.
I would love to sit in a hot spring even if I did have to pay for it.

From the cold springs

boromax said...

Ahhh, hot springs. If you ever get the chance... enjoy the Hot Springs in Arkansas, and in Glenwood Springs, Colorado; and the Jemez Springs in New Mexico. Good stuff!!