Saturday, February 22, 2020

We that complain and a Birthday Party

Autos of beauty

 This car a 1954 Buick Skylark was new when I met Mary Ann!

For today (Sunday):
We attended a birthday party for Mary Ann on Saturday. Do you know someone who lights up a room? That is Mary Ann. She has had enough life and health problems to sink a battle ship, lives with pain, but sports the brightest smile and most positive attitude you would ever know.

(SMILE) It makes one who complains feel so stinking small in that tall girls presence.  This girl was married at 14 had her first girl child, Debbie, at 15.  She is now 81, my age and as sweet as sugar.
                       Yep she is 81

She still lives up on top          a mountain near Lenoir NC with Buck, her husband.  A while after her husband Enoch, passed she called Sherry to say she wanted her to be a Matron of Honor, she and Buck were to be married. They are from the same area and their grands were intermarried so that had brought she and Buck together. They are doing well in spite of medical problems.

  Mary Ann, Robin(D) and Buck (Pictures stolen from Robin's FB ;-)

You would never know there was a pain in this girl’s body, she has an electric smile.

I met her just before her first marriage. Sherry has known her most of her life. Of course her family adores her.

I just wanted to shine a bright light into my own head today; I knew Mary Ann could do that. AND she did.  Sherry is taking me to the Dr. tomorrow, imma thinking Dr. Coutts will work this time. We usually chat and he works on other patients records while seeing me. I trust him. I think this is the first time I have ever NEEDED to see him. The rest was only for the yearly physical. I think I am the oldest patient he has.
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PS:Susan said in her comment on the Pandemic of 1918, that an entire village was wiped out in Northern Alaska.  I wonder how in the world did the virus penetrate such an isolated area? That is wild.  Life is good and valuable, we do what we can to survive.                      



mary ann is quite a nice woman. glad you had her in your lives. hope the doctor works his magic. you hang in there. take care.

Mevely317 said...

Happy belated birthday to Mary Ann.... what a pretty lady! I glimpsed that 'something special' you refer to only once or twice. It's like these folks have an inner joy that radiates right through their pores.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow morning; still praying!

Jean said...

Happy belated Birthday to your friend Mary Ann a nice looking lady. Praying for a good report for you tomorrow.

Chatty Crone said...

I wonder too how germs exist in the cold like that.
Happy birthday to your friend.
I hope the doctor fixes and finds what is wrong with you Jack.

yaya said...

Mary Ann is beautiful and sure doesn't look 81! I love her smile and her beautiful hair! I hope she had a great birthday and I'm sorry she suffers with so much pain. Good luck at your Dr. Appointment

Woody said...

I also have Doctors appointments tomorrow, 1 at 10;30 AM in Carthage, then another one in Watertown at 12:30PM ! Good luck with your appointment !
Sending well wish's from the North! Gary & Anna Mae !

Rick Watson said...

Happy birthday to that young’un. Looking at her picture put a smile on my face. Some folks do that.

Susan Kane said...

Mary Ann must be a strong devoted woman to accomplish so much! What a young senior lady.

betty said...

Mary Ann is a great looking lady!! What a joy to have her in your life (and for you to be in her life). Wishing her many more birthdays ahead!! I'm thinking your appt tomorrow will be a good one Jack and I'm hoping/praying it will be answers to prayer of why you are feeling the way you are feeling.


Glenda said...

Mary Ann sounds like a wonderful woman ~ and she is gorgeous ~ just like my big Sistah Sherry!!!

Lisa said...

I have met Mary Ann. Her daughter (pictured in the bottom photo) is one of my best friends. My daughter even dated her grandson for a little while. I love that little family.
I remember visiting Mary Ann at her camper when she was at the campground the same time we were. She and I both love to crochet and she can make some of the most beautiful things.

Good luck at the doc

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wat a great smile she has. It would totally light up a dark room. A lot can be said about someone smile!and I think you did a great job of it!

Andrea Charles said...

Thank you Jack for sharing with us this beautiful snippet about Mary Ann. As you mentioned no one will say she is 81 years old. It was so inspiring and encouraging to read how she still put a smile on her face irrespective of all the pain she is suffering from. That is not easy but she is Rocking on. Appreciate you sharing this with us and she will be in our prayers too.

Mayura said...

Thanks for sharing the true encouraging story of the Life journey of Mary Ann. Life gives us many mountain and valley experiences, however the point with what attitude we face those situations. Every birthday will remind us of the graceful years we have passed by.