Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Washington DC

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For today:
If possible every citizen of the USA should make a trip to Washington DC.  Tours of the White House are available. Sherry took her sister’s family thru the White house and the US Mint, once on their visit with us.  I missed both those points of interest. Our family visitors did not get a hotel room; our families have always made room for visitors to stay. WE talked until wee hours and then folks found a place to sleep. Couch, chairs or pallets on the floor we could handle it. LOL

Really the Smithsonian’s alone are worth the trip.  We visited them all. We also liked the wax museum of  DC. You can walk thru the capitol buildings and see the monuments along the National Mall and you need to climb the Washington monument if you can. The reflection pool is grand itself.

Of course the USMC memorial of the raising the Flag over Iwo Jima bordering the Arlington Nat’l Cemetery was to me, a must.
The Lincoln Memorial was breath taking every time I saw it.  We citizens really do love this country, with all its warts and problems. 

After visiting many countries, this is my home. Therefore no one place on earth that I have seen, beckons me, COME.  No place other than the USA would I be willing to go and live. Do I like everything about it? Nope, the positives outweigh the negatives by hundreds of times.

So it you can, squeeze in a tour of our capitol, I guarantee you will at least ENJOY the museums, no cover charge, get something special for your taxes.

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betty said...

Washington, DC is grand! I loved our visits there! And so right about the Smithsonians being free! So much history there at no cost!! I know there are lots of school groups who go there for field trips at the end of the school year; another way to get history learned by them!


Susan Kane said...

Our visit to DC was way too short. When we return, all those places must be on our list.

Mevely317 said...

I was but a girl the last time my parents dragged me along to D.C. (*smile*). Not particularly interested then, but I'd certainly enjoy having another opportunity. I was thrilled when G'daughter #1 flew up to Fort Lee to visit Josh and she wanted to see it all.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's Lincoln's birthday today so I especially enjoyed see his monument. I've never been there at all, so really appreciate all the pictures.

boromax said...

I lived in Maryland and worked in DC for a few years in the 1980s, and have visited several times since then, too. We used to ride the Metro in to the National Mall with the kids to see the Smithsonians (Air & Space was a favorite). For my children, the coolest thing was riding the subway. They said it felt like they were at Disneyland. When we lived in PA, our youngest daughter's 10th grade class took a trip to DC specifically to visit the Holocaust Museum. Life-changing.

Lisa said...

I have never been above my state.. I would love to tour the White House!

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