Saturday, February 15, 2020


Autos of beauty
  (All photos from the net mine not on this computer!)
For today:
From childhood I have loved the mountains. Our family used to meet Daddy’s sister Bertha and her family in the Pisgah Mountains for a few days camping. It was a state park. I never saw anyone in that park except our families the whole time we were there; it was like it was our private mountain retreat. The adults slept in the cars and we slept on the ground and on picnic tables. Uncle Irvin had a store in Laurens, SC and he brought all the groceries for the week. Man did we eat good.

I loved the tales around a campfire from dad and the others about their youth, the depression and dad working with Uncle Doyle at a saw mill there in the Pisgah’s. Dad & Doyle hobo’d the train to work and back. We found apple and plum trees as we explored the mountains. From our home we would drive about an hour and start seeing mountains, then in another hour we were in the mountains. NC has Mt. Mitchel 6,684 Ft. the tallest peak on the East Coast.

Imagine my surprise when first driving out west. In the flat mid-west I began to see Mountains. ALSO Imagine my surprise after driving a day, they did not seem any closer. I believe we drove three days before we could actually see the mountains clear.

On the east coast there are trees, hills and clouds that hide the mountains for distant views. But WOW, with flat and desert land you can see the mountains hundreds of miles sooner.

 This is a famous shot of the Tetons, Mine are on the other computer :-(
(To put the east coast and west coast range in perspective, Mt Mitchel would reach to about the height of the trees on the Tetons and it is our highest Mt.)
Once we reached those mountains I realized I really hadn’t seen TALL Mountains. The Rockies are tall; many stand at over 14,000 ft. I loved seeing the Grand Tetons just south of Yellowstone as we viewed them from Jackson Hole.
Did I say I love mountains?
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ps: My Health update, still no  pain or major discomfort, repaired some things, and started setting up a basketball goal for the great grands in our little park and fire pit area.                      


Chatty Crone said...

I bet you were shocked when you first saw the mountains in the west. They are huge. I know you two love the mountains and climbed them!
We have a huge Mt. Pisgah Methodist church in the area.
That name must mean something.

yaya said...

No mountains here in Ohio but I'm good with that! I'm not fond of driving in the mountains. Out west there's no guard rails! They are beautiful and majestic and I loved Jackson Hole. I had more fun looking at them from afar than being up close and personal though!

Mevely317 said...

So happy to hear you're still free of pain! (But don't go cancelling that doctor appointment, OK?)

Wonder if your family get-togethers in the Pisgah's wasn't the beginning of your love affair with camping?
I, too, love the mountains -- in particular the Rockies. (I think my home town sat at an elevation of 7,300.) Highly doubt I'll get back there -- or ever see the Tetons -- but the Smokies are on my short list.

betty said...

Glad to hear you are up and about doing repairs and the pain is not there! I so enjoyed seeing the Grand Tetons and other high mountains in Colorado! So very impressive looking!


Jackie said...

We love the NC mountains.
We eat breakfast often in Pisgah.
Sending you and Sherry hugs and much love....

Lisa said...

I love visiting the mountains but haven’t in a long time. Nick is not a fan of the mountains so it’s only the beach for us but I’m ok with that too.
I’m glad your still feeling better.

Take it easy

Dar said...

Always glad to hear you're feeling less peaked...not fun hurting. I've seen the Rockies and the Smokies, and our little hills at Copper
I do love the mts but not driving in them......scary sometimes but oh so majestic. God is quite the creator. Stay healthy my friend.
love n' hugs to you both from up north where we had fair weather today. I got to drive a good hour in our new ride.....s m o o t h and sweet!