Sunday, February 9, 2020

Just out of sorts

  Sick Car:

For today:

When mama wasn't up to par, she would say  “I'm Out of sorts” or as I mentioned before another of her statements was “I feel so unnecessary!” 

At the end of my session in the Emergency Room the Dr. asked if I wanted something for pain, for the first time I can recall I said YES!  He prescribed about 3 days’ worth and I tried to stretch them out, that doesn’t work too well.  I waited until the pain came back to take another pill.  Yeah, I ain’t too smart, it takes more time for it to take effect. OUCH.
I used to could say I didn’t need medication. LOL But in my life starting about 35 yrs old there was a Vasectomy, Then my 70s, Cochlear implants, then 80’s skin cancer. I guess I should be glad that so far the only over nights in the hospital was as a visitor or caregiver.
I have always said you are your best doctor most of the time, so far I have been lucky (or fortunate) it has always worked. My feelings are your body will tell you when you are out of your paygrade and you need to talk to someone.

Once this pain med takes over I ‘think’ I am fine. But let it lapse a couple times and I know there must be more to this than I think. My next appointment with a Dr. I know is the 24th. When Sherry made the appointment she was told If I needed to see someone sooner to do a walk in.  I just might have to do that.

Thanks for letting me dump here on the blog. My problem is I’m “Just out of sorts!” (whatever that means, it seems to fit my feelings. LOL)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry to hear you are out of sorts and need that pain medication. I'd say your body is definitely letting you know something is not right. Go to the walk in if you need to. Something definitely needs fixing. Pain like that is not right. Take cake ! and see the doctor soon.

Mevely317 said...

Lifting prayers!

Dar said...

Do get the 2nd opinion but sooner than the thing I've learned from experience, is that the pain meds do need to be taken ' as advised ' for them to truly be effective or you're defeating their purpose. Your body is speaking loud to you. Listen. See a doc today before you get ' worse ' out of sorts.
loven'hugs from up north where I understand your frustration. Feel better young man.

bobbie said...

Definitely get in before the 24th!! Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong!
Be gentle with yourself ~

betty said...

Better to go in sooner than the 24th if things aren't feeling like they should! That's a long way to wait to start to feel better!


Jean said...

I hope you decide to go sooner if you are in pain there is something wrong. I'm about to be on my way to Dothan for my appointment with my heart doctor for a check up. If I had not been in care of my doctors for the past several years I might not be here now. I have known that long I had a problem. When my Ehco showed it had gotten worst I knew it was time to get it fixed. I was lucky to be able to get it done without open heart surgery.So for I'm still going. Hugs from Opp.

Susan Kane said...

Man, I hear you too well. I have terrible migraines (reason I retired from teaching) and have 10 pain pills that are supposed to last 2-3 months. Now I use cannabis products, which help. CHB usually, but also have THC products. Try them. Are they legal in SC or NC?

Let me know how you're doing.

Ethan Fischer said...

Hello Jack,

Just wanted to know more about the vasectomy. I study examples of long term vasectomy pain on the internet and wanted to hear your story. Did you have a normal recovery, or were you in pain for a long time?


jack69 said...

To Moral Agent. I couldn't figure how to answer, so O will do it on a comment. I had no pain what so ever and no after effects. My operation was in a Navy hospital in GITMO BAY! 1973....

Lisa said...

Here I am behind on my reads again. I sure hope you get some answers and get to feeling better soon!

Prayin for ya