Monday, February 24, 2020

OUR Health issues

  Autos of beauty
 1959 Cross Country Rambler (we had one of these, loved it)
For today (Monday):

I have been petted, catered to and taken care of like a baby. Today Sherry will take me to the VA for my talk with Dr. Coutts. AND BTW.. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.

But My girl has been recovering also, since a pretty big ‘skin cancer’ was removed from her leg before we headed for Florida a couple months ago. She is doing well and has a pretty scar on her leg. She should be proud of it; it is sort of a big U shape.

I still cannot get over that being ‘Skin Cancer’.  I know that is not the official name, of course Sherry and Betty knows that stuff.  When I first started hearing about skin cancer, it was concerning my older brother Jr. I remember they ‘burned’ or froze them off. BUT this one of Sherry’s was deep and BIG not ‘skin cancer’.  Yeah I know, and I am VERY THANKFUL AND HAPPY that it was not ‘malignant’.

My girl just leaned over to tell me that skin cancer can be malignant if it is Melanoma or something like that.  I informed her right quick, This is MY BLOG entry and My mind is made up, DO NOT CONFUSE ME WITH FACTS! (Men and boys don’t like to be confused, and we don’t understand big words unless it is mayonnaise!!) So there you have it.

Anyway, now I am mad, so Imma close.  But BEFORE I DO QUIT, I will say my sweetheart is coming along very well and healing nicely. She still has the most beautiful legs on this planet…. (IN SPITE OF HEROWNSELF!)  lol  So there.  ;-)

 Taken a few years ago in the mounains of Haiti
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betty said...

Glad Sherry is recovering well from her skin cancer removal and I am hoping you will get answers about your own health issues today Jack. Not knowing is always worse than knowing what one is dealing with.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with Betty is is better to know what you're dealing with than not to know. Hopefully the doctors will find out what is wrong o it can be treated. So glad that Sherry's healed up and doing well so she can take good care of you. Help is on the way ! Take good care and keep the faith !

Lisa said...

Glad shes healing well and that scar only ads a story to her pretty legs. I have a scar on my forehead. I have to go in a couple months for a total body skin check. If I get a job before that, I will have to put it off a year. I wont be able to take a lot of time off with a new job.

Keep your chin up


sending healing thoughts to both of you. and lots of prayers. good luck today.

Mevely317 said...

I don't think I've seen this (last) picture before … what a cute couple!
Funny to think how blissfully ignorant I was about skin cancer. Now, I'm regarding every little blister, etc. with suspicion. Thanking God for Sherry's quick response and recovery.

PS - Another dear blog friend's hubby has had two surgeries performed on his back in the last 18 months. We just learned on Friday the last pathology showed it limited to the skin; no margins. Now we're expecting MORE good news from the Ship's Log!

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad that she is okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Watson said...

Jilda had to have one cut off her nose. They did an incredible job and you can see where it was removed but it was a scary time.
I’m glad Sherry’s is healing up well.

Dar said...

I'm so glad you're both on top of these things. Anything, now days, has to be taken seriously as you are doing. Sooo glad Sherry is doing well. Somehow, I missed this, so sorry I didn't respond earlier. It must have been when I was so sick and wasn't on here much. Love you guys and never want anything bad to happen to you. Good news, we are waiting for on you now, Jack. Take special care of your wonderful selves.
love n' hugs from up north where we're back in the low 30's with wind. It feels much colder but still smiling as the sun is shining promises of spring.

boromax said...

Diggin' the '59 Rambler wagon! I had a 'skin cancer' removed from my right ear a few years ago, kinda flattened the top of the ear... :) And just a few weeks ago had one removed from my right temple (between my eyebrow and my sideburn). Ah, the travails of maturity. Nice pic from "a few years ago"!