Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Doctor and old friends

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For today (Tuesday):
It is a short drive from our NC home to the VA hospital in Charlotte. Today it was a breeze, very little traffic. When we entered the VA Sherry spotted friends, Paul and Patsy Collins. Paul has some dementia and was in a wheel chair
The unique thing about this meeting was on the drive over to the VA I pointed out a Ravine and I related a memory: In the mid 1950s, Paul and a couple boys (found, borrowed or stole) a ½ inch roll of steel cable. They created a ‘ZIP Line’. The cable stretched across the ravine and using nothing but a galvanized pipe Tee with the cable thru it made the sliding trolley using pipe. The sliding cable was not called a zip line, but trickier because it had no brakes.  LOL

Running into old friends gave me a lift.  A VA hospital makes me feel small. I see war heroes, some in wheel chairs and many missing limbs.  Vets younger than I are really hurting and I feel for them.

Dr. Coutts welcomed me. He has long jet black hair and a great attitude. He stays busy and is always behind, but you don't get the idea he is in a hurry.  When I told him of my problem and what was prescribed. He smiled and slowly moved his head side to side giving me the idea he did not approve of the Emergency Drs' take.

He held out his arm and said, "Describe the pain using my arm!". Then he jabbed his arm, a jabbing pain? NO! He used his hand to twist his arm. Does it feel anything like a twisting sensation, YES! He started probing my stomach, while verbalizing things it WAS NOT!   He said go ahead and schedule the GI procedure and if what I am suggesting does not work, we will do more tests, but in my opinion you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) .

I mentioned cancer. He smiled and started listing the symptoms of cancer and ended with, “You are gaining weight, and with cancer you lose weight.

Boy I hope that is right.  Son Jack said, “Hey that is a trending Disease pop!”  Hahahahaha I’mma  trendy dude!

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PS: I slept all night last night, first time in months methinks. I think it has a lot to do with my DR. and his attitude and smarts. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great doctor you have. and sounds like a sensible one. Glad you got an answer and hopefully relief will soon be on the way. It's great to be confident of your doctor. What a coincidence you were thinking of your friend and then ran into him. The VA has done a lot of good for our veterans. I know a few.

Jean said...

Glad the doctor made you feel better and you got a good night sleep. I have an appointment to morrow with my doctors in Birmingham. Jarin and I will be leaving this afternoon and be coming back Thursday. She doesn't like to drive that for and back in one day. You take care, Jean.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack, so glad you went to the doctor - he sounds like a good one - so trust him!
Nice that you ran into an old friend.

betty said...

Your doctor is a keeper!! I do agree with his saying for you to do the procedure. I think it's a reasonable diagnosis too!


Lisa said...

I love doctors with an old fashion style of honesty and small words. He sounds like a winner.
My dad goes to the VA doctor too when he has a questionable problem.

From the recliner

Woody said...

Glad you went to the VA Doc, The VA is not a pretty place to visit and can make one sad looking around at our Vets in various stages of their lives ! Hope they get this IBS under control and happy you got some "good rack time" !Still Keeping you an Sherry in my Prayers ! Love from the North, Gary an Anna Mae


sounds like you finally have a handle on whats wrong. thank goodness. i had a friend with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. and it wasn't the end of the world. it's manageable. hang in there.

Mevely317 said...

Like others have said, I LIKE this doctor. Wow, it's not often one will openly disagree with another's diagnosis. Obviously, IBS is no fun; but sure beats the alternative. :)
I'm always impressed by the vets we see at the VA. Almost always, despite their physical challenges they're a cheerful bunch.

Hope you enjoy another good night's sleep!

Dar said...

I'm so happy to hear you have a promising doctor at the VA. I agree that most VA patients are so cheerful and grateful. Having gone to the VA hospital with one of the boys, he pointed out how 'new' the attached UWHospital in Madison was compared to the run down VA hospital section. It's a shame the vets can't have the same appearance as the huge, reg. hospital provided for we commoners. Somehow, it's just not respectful to those who fought for us. It had a scent of mildew....I mentioned it to the attendant taking care of our son, and he stated that apparently there were no funds for them. Not right. I am, again, so happy you're getting help with a doctor that knows his stuff.
love, hugs n' prayers for you two from up north where we are having a gloomy day with more snow flurries.....go away flurries

boromax said...

Glad you have a doctor you trust. That counts for a lot! Yes, IBS is no fun, but it is not cancer! And a good night's sleep? Good!