Sunday, February 9, 2020

Those side bars

Autos of beauty
This sucker could 'lay some rubber' or 'get a wheel'.

For today:
Friend Lisa ‘Away from the Office Chair’ has a good blog. I enjoy reading blogs from all walks of life. She is a shining example and a rep of Nutrisystems.  A few days ago I took time to look over her side bar.  I do that every once in a while on all blogs. Besides a cute picture of her and friends, I am remembering a nice Graphic, it included an appreciation of friends she may never see, speak to or shake hands with. Meaning of course You and me here in Bloggerville. That got me to thinking…… So..
I just wanted to take time to say how much I enjoy reading your blogs and comments. You brighten my life, educate me and many times bring that laugh we all need. Shucks some of your entries or not are pep-talks to keep the blood flowing. Just learning of your occupations,  lives, children and grands has made me smile. Knowing the part of the country where you live or have lived, brings that smile also.
And yes, I can hurt when you hurt. When reading of a problem or prayer requests, I do offer up a prayer.

Anyway, Thanks for being around, Blogging, commenting or just reading.  You guys are easy to like.  And I do like your sidebars. ;-)

Actually Lisa lives only about 12 miles from us.  So we should meet her at some time this year.  We certainly hope to.  We do happen to know some of the same people and attended the same school as some of our Grands.
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betty said...

That will be cool to meet up with Lisa, Jack! It is a pleasure to read your blogs as well as the other blogs I read :) Always enjoy spending time on them!


Lisa said...

Awe thanks Jack for the shout out. Just made my day. Yes we will have to meet sometime. Whenever we go to Btown, I always think I might happen to run into you guys somewhere. And we will eventually.

I too enjoy reading everyones blog post. I really need to branch out though. I know there is many more I have not discovered yet.

Happy Sunday.

Mevely317 said...

What a sweet thing to say … thanks!
I've many acquaintances, few Real Friends -- most of whom I never might have known but for blogging. Sure, it's been a thrill to meet and break bread with several folks. More on my 'hope to' short list, YOU and Sherry included. Now, logic says I may never meet face-to-face with all, but that doesn't dampen my feelings. Thank YOU for being a friend!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness Jack and Sherri - go meet Lisa - she seems wonderful! I love blogging too. sandie

yaya said...

I enjoy your blog and I'm so glad I stopped by one day and made a new friend! I hope to meet some of my blog buddies one day but if not...I'll just keep enjoying the day by day visits!

Rick Watson said...

Lisa is a rockstar. I enjoy the blogs of my blog buddies too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks Jack, I so enjoy reading your blog and the comments you make on mine. It's nice to have friends we've never met, you all enhance my life and the lives of others!

boromax said...

Yes, Bloggerville is a good place thanks to folks like you, Jack! Having friends you've never met is an amazing phenomenon.