Saturday, February 8, 2020

This, this and that

CARS:  I was feeling like the above, Now I am headed to the one below ;-)
 For today:

Just a few words to thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and concerns. This morning I feel very good. Of course I have the medication also. ;-)
     This is Zorro 'nosing' his mama Stormy (from nite camera)
I went downstairs to see if Stormy was inside. It got below freezing. I am leaving the garage door up 4".  I am feeding a couple more cats but for now I will let it be since I can't see a way to segregate them yet.  YEP she was there and ran over for some petting.  I think I love that gal.  LOL Zorro was not with her, maybe he is getting independent. 
 This is Stormy getting relaxed, she stayed in this position for hours.

And Sherry was kind enough to call for me to the VA and get an appt with my doctor so I can get a second opinion. It is a couple weeks out, but I am still planning to go see him, I know he misses me. LOL  He will have to work this time, all he normally has to do is chat and joke. I am his oldest and healthiest patient, or at least I was. HA!

We have had HEAVY rains high winds and tornado warnings. We lost only one dead tree but our back yard was like a river.  Yesterday I picked up all the downed limbs and burned them, it felt good to get out and working some.

I am about to catch up.  And Yes Rick I do need to get back to some Yoga.  I had developed a short 20-30 minute routine of the simpler 'poses' and dropped it a couple months ago.

Update:  No money in the mail yet, LOL.   Sherry checked the bank account and I can still keep Amazon in business if I have to.  LOL AND a big thanks to Bro. Woody (Our resident LEO) up in NY.  I had not reported the incident, but I did just after your comment.

I have enjoyed all your comments and blogs, I just haven't commented as much, but I am getting back.  Thanks again for taking the time to read this 'stuff', and be friends.

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NanaDiana said...

I have been traveling so just saw the post about the ER visit. Have you had a colonoscopy? I know they are a pain in the butt (literally) but sometimes 'stomach' problems are caused by bowel problems, etc. Just a thought.
Glad you are feeling better but do keep your appt at the VA.

Nice of you (and me) to keep Amazon in business! I haven't had any checks in the mail

Hugs to you and Sherry- Diana

Mevely317 said...

It sounds as if you're getting the same storm front that came through here a couple days ago. Unsettling to be sure; I strongly suspect Tom misses 'boring' Arizona. (LOL)
So happy to hear you're feeling better. All the same, its good to see your VA doc. After all, he has (your) history on his side.

PS - I had a hunch you loved Stormy all along … it's just neat to hear you say it!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad you are feeling better and able to get out and clean up from the storm. Getting outdoors always makes me feel better. Hope your Zero don't get too independent and get in trouble. Your Sherry is making sure you are ok with getting that 2nd opinion. It can't hurt and could make a difference. Take care and don't over do. Love and hugs from Ohio.

Lisa said...

Great! Glad to hear your feeling better. Yes, even though you feel better, Go see that doctor anyway.
Stormy looks happy and cozy to have you back home.
Wait....Did you say you have MORE cats hanging around?

Still snowin

yaya said...

So happy you're feeling better. It does feel good to get out and move more when possible. Your sweet Stormy is really happy to have you back! I hope Zorro returns soon. Take care and have a nice Sunday!

Rick Watson said...

Feel better Jack. The world needs more 57 Chevy convertibles:)

betty said...

Good you will be getting the second opinion! Glad you are feeling better too! Tell us more about the other cats that seem to be getting a "free" meal from you :)



i have been under the weather myself. didn't realize you weren't feeling well. hope you are back to your old self soon. saying a little prayer for you. glad the bad weather wasn't too damaging. go to your doctor. and feel better soon. glad to hear you and stormy were reunited.

Dar said...

I'm sooo glad the meds are helping but yes, do keep your VA appt. As for the extra cats hanging around, perhaps they are more of Stormy's litter...a family reunion.
love n' hugs from up north where yes, it's still snowing...grrrrrr

Glenda said...

Happy to hear you're improving, echo the colonoscopy suggestion. After years of "normal" in October, I had a major surgical job done. It's good to keep checking. I know "Jack's BACK" when those awesome cars are RED!!! Hugs from Chobee for you and yours.

boromax said...

It is such a delight to read your doings. Be well, brother!