Thursday, November 5, 2020

A special person’s Birthday

 Early interesting Cars:

 This '37 Ford was new when she discovered America

For today:

Today I am celebrating with my sweetheart, today is her birthday.  As everyone knows I am the luckiest guy in the world.  She was born just for ME.  She knew it was special because she let me kiss her on our first date.

WE have been married over 64 years. (We musta been five or six years old when we married.

This lovely lady has put up with a lot, and I appreciate it. She fits so well in my arms and she has the BEST KISSES!

I am taking her to the Waffle House for Breakfast for a Pecan Waffle.  This evening we will probably make it to the Red Lobster, her favorite restaurant.  If she chooses another place we will go there.

What she got for her Birthday? A pair of shoes. Her new favorite ‘Vionics’.

See you tomorrow.

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Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday Sherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know what?
Today is my husband's birthday too.
Love, sandie

jack69 said...

Well, Sandie and I share something in common (Other than us being pretty), our spouces share a birthday! ;-)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wishing Sherry a very happy birthday. Sounds like you'll be eating very well. Waffles amd Red lobster are a favorite of mine too. Enjoy and celebrate!

Mevely317 said...

Happy Birthday blessings, Sherry! I've heard such great things about those Vionics. Given your exercise regime, I take that recommendation highly. Someday, I may have to treat myself. Enjoy your Special Day!

Susie said...

Shoes??? Isn't that how this all started? Happy birthday to your sweetheart. I can tell by the way you speak of your wife, you two are still sweethearts. I am sure Sherry appreciates you too. Hope your day is wonderful. Blessings to you both, xoxo, Susie

yaya said...

Happy belated birthday Sherry! I hope you loved the shoes and the yummy meals to celebrate. I think Jack is just a little fond of you! You two are an inspiration for long and happy unions. I hope you have many more birthdays to celebrate together. My wish for you is good health and continued good times with your sweetheart!

Woody said...

Happy Birthday Sherry, Jack is "One Lucky Man" like the rest of us with Awesome, Gorgeous, Fantabulous, wives ! May your Birthday be a Blessed Day and every Day after ! Love from Gary an Anna Mae !

bobbie said...

Happy Birthday, Sherry! Enjoy your meals, and let your hubby wait on you!

Dar said...

A very Happy Birthday, Sherry! You love the same food I do and I'm sure you're enjoying it as well as your new Vionics and your man. May the sun shine brightly on your day so you can try out your new shoes.
Loven'hugs from up north where our sun is still shining so warm that we are back in our t-shirts...highly unusual for this time of year up north but we are not complaining. :) Happy Day to you both.

Lisa said...

Shes A lucky girl to get a pecan pie waffle and a pair of Vionic shoes!
Happy Birthday Sherry!!!!

betty said...

Happy birthday Sherry!! I hope you enjoyed your special day!!