Sunday, November 22, 2020

Statesmen and Real Journalists (reporters)

 Early Cars nearly forgotten: 

Just guessing but this must have been in the mid 1920s


For today:

Let me start with a THANK YOU for your concern and advice. I have no doubt you are suggesting the logical,  correct route for my health after my ‘cat-fight.’ I have a personal fault, it is one of ‘Show-me’. I lived in Missouri for a while, I guess I adapted a Missouri attitude, “The Show Me State.” IF I ‘felt’ ANY warnings I would do something other than first aid.  (yeah, yeah I know, but………. Jack is one stubborn dude!  Just ask Sherry or my boys.)  :-O

Now I will meander some. I read the other day that Walter Cronkite was at one time considered the most trusted man in America. I can easily remember Walter.  I remember that voice, and that look. I can remember ‘easily’ believing what the man said. A MAN, a reporter, a STATESMAN.  I believe Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln were Statesmen.  My heart cries for a real STATESMAN to arise in our GREAT COUNTRY, we certainly need one.

                  (I can just hear, "And that's the way it is!")

I remember reading that Walter’s life was the same on camera or microphone and off.

Nowadays I read headlines that say, “Shocking things you did not know about Mr or Mrs…XYZ!”  Fill in about any famous name, one I remember lately was, “The shocking truth about Princess Di!”  If you went to the story (which I DO NOT DO (ANYMORE)) it would probably be nothing, baloney or innuendos.

For some reason there is a built in ‘mental thing’ to pull someone down or off a pedestal.  When I read things like that I remember my dad, forever in his mind no matter how successful he was, he remained a simple peanut farmer with a formal education of the 3rd grade.  My dad once said, “You can’t be too tall if you must always pull everyone down.”

In my entire life the many sermons of dad’s I never heard him tear anyone down, he lifted people UP! Mama too, I was raised in a positive home, AND I AM THANKFUL.


 Have a great Thanksgiving, BE SAFE! 

Most of all.......BE THANKFUL!!

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Glenda said...

Great post, love when you bring up the positives! All those you mentioned are some of my favorites as well.
Do hope your bite is better, I know you're tough and a "Missouri Mule"...Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Chobee, Love Glenda

Susan Kane said...

Thank you for showing your parents, and sharing some of his wisdom!

Like you, we watched Walter Cronkite every day. We believed him, trusted his word. How I wish he or his clone could still be here. I wonder what he would say?

Mevely317 said...

Okay, then ... but promise us you'll reconsider if it starts to 'redden up'? Swear, you and Tom must be related.

Wish we had more folks like your dad and Mr. Cronkite around. I worry who today's youth have to look up to.

Lisa said...

I don’t remember Walter but I have grown to known him through the years from hearing others talk about him and quoting him. I think he is intelligent.


NanaDiana said...

Yes-Yes- We need statesmen in this country...gentlemen with honor. I look for the positive and best in everything and I know that you do, too.
Just realized I misspelled Sherry's name on my post...forgive me Sherry-I made you Sherrie!!!! lol

Blessings to both of you on Thanksgiving and every day. Hugs- Diana

betty said...

Walter Cronkite was great; no one can ever walk in his shoes I do believe! I hope your and Sherry's Thanksgiving is a great one!! You know your body best; just be careful and observant!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great post for sure. Your dad could could be added to that list of great statesmen. We should always be ready and willing to lift someone else up not tear them down. I was taught if you don't have something good to say then don't say it.