Monday, November 2, 2020

Still in the shop

 Early interesting Cars:

I can just hear Ricardo Montalban as he says, "Chrysler Cordoba!" (1979-1982) I loved that accent.

For today:

When something like the RV, has become a part of you and it is not around, you miss it.  Funny also, when it is gone you find out how much ‘stuff’ you haul around and are used to having, basically at your fingertips..

Yesterday I needed 6, ¼” nuts and bolts, I have plenty of them back in NC, here too, yes I do, but they are in the coach. I also needed some Coaxial cable, Oh, I have some…. Yes I do, but it is in the coach.

Not long ago Sherry was going to make cornbread, BUT her cast iron skillet was in the coach. So she fried it, she does not like ‘top of the stove’ corn bread.. After living in a coach 22 years it is very hard to adjust to living NORMAL.

I do like our place in NC. Of course I should since I built it especially for us. I built the last 3 homes we had. Each was to be our last and retire there.  But then our yen for the road and the RV became part of our lives.

WE would still be living in it if reasonable RV sites were still available. We are learning that you can get motels for the price of some RV sites.

Be that as it is, we still sit here in a nice newly purchased trailer, in Florida and our coach is a few miles away AWP (Awaiting Parts).  I miss seeing it.


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Chatty Crone said...

Hope it comes soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mevely317 said...

... and I'd venture a guess, the coach misses you, too!
We've never been fortunate to have our own home on wheels, but Tom's still discovering stuff he thought was lost, or left behind in Arizona.

Lisa said...

I bet you are missing your RV. Hope you get it back soon. And what? Stove top cornbread?

Waiting on votes to come in

Woody said...

I know what you mean about missing something, we miss Camping, we have enjoyed almost all our Campers. Who knows, maybe someone will offer up a small ne for sale this fall !!! we send down our love and warm wishs, Gary an Anna Mae !
Hope you get your Coach back soon ! I agree, 70 in Florida is cool ! You take care and

yaya said...

Hopefully your coach will arrive and you and your Cinderella will live happily ever after! (sorry I couldn't resist!) Have a good rest of this election week. Stay safe and hopefully this country will calm down!

betty said...

Hope the parts come soon!


Glenda said...

I can relate to your situation of needing something you KNOW you own, but can not put your hands on. Sherry's idea to fry when she couldn't bake cornbread reminds me of Mom's witty little Mother who coined "If you don't have a horse, ride a cow".
Hoping you get your coach back soon!!! Hugs from Chobee, Glenda

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hoping the soon you'll get your coach back. It's been awhile and you need your things. Just remember to G et them in your new home so they can be used. The we were camping we wound up buying doublea of eery thing.