Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Loud cars & noise

    Early Luxury Cars time forgot:

The Isotta , Itallian for the French market

When a loud car goes by here, I frown a little,  my girl says ‘That is awful!”  My frown goes to a smile and I will usually say, “That dude loves that, it is the best sound he knows.”

The same with the Old Harleys that drive by.  You see, I can remember installing a split manifold and twin ‘Smitties’ (sport mufflers) on my 1948 Chevy. Boy did I love that.

It doesn’t seem fair though, there were noise ordinances back then, and the loudness was determined by a police officer. (He got me! LOL)

Now I hear radios louder than my car was. Looking back at all that, ONLY a few cars were loud enough to damage ear drums.  But today in a big percentage of kids radios are above the decibel level that will damage ears.

Churches have even gotten into the business of LOUD. I feel for small children ‘s ears. .............................  I just thought of something? Maybe this pandemic will save some hearing.

“PROBABLY NOT, many kids have those ear plugs past safe levels.” Of course hearing is like a lot of senses and life elated things, you really might not appreciate something until it is gone.  I remember hearing once, “Some people do not appreciate their mama until she is gone.”

People that had a good family life seem to assume everyone else did. But that is not always true. A lady who was taking care of her mother told Sherry and I, “Hey, Mama is hard to get along with, if she wasn’t my mother I wouldn’t even like her.”

Mother and daughter have now passed. Imma tell you that statement has hung in both our heads. Sherry’s mother was a saint, so was my mother.  It is hard to fathom such a feeling towards a mama.

Anyway Life goes on. Noise will continue to be around. Boys and some girls will love to hear an engine ‘Sound-off.’ And the hearing aid companies will continue to make millions due to unprotected ears. 

So be safe, take care of your hearing and enjoy your music, I wish I still could. If you lose your hearing YOU WILL MISS IT.

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Mevely317 said...

Great post. Given that BOTH of Tom's hearing aids are in the hospital (with no ETA in sight), we're going through a rough patch. Thankfully, he has blue-tooth earphones to watch television, and I'm learning to speak into his only 'working' ear.

The first year we lived here, some 'kid' with a low-rider truck used to enjoy riding by our home and gunning the engine -- to set off our cars' alarms. Haven't seen hide nor hair of him lately, which is Just Fine with me.

betty said...

So true about any of our senses that we lose; once they are gone they are gone. Might be able to replicate some of it but never completely. I wish they'd make an app or something that if the music was being played too loud it would automatically go to a softer level. Might save some kids' hearing down the line.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are right it's important to take care of our hearing and loud noises can damage it. Young people do lie their music loud and will suffer from it when they are older. Here it's so quiet that sometimes I appreciate some noise, especially happy voices of the grandchildren. They do make me happy.

Lisa said...

So far, the almost lost hearing in my left ear only bothers me when Im trying to communicate. I do not like the loud thumping music that rattles the windows. I have a cousin who has speakers in his car that will literally make your hair blow like the wind. That has to be bad on not only your ears but your heart too.
It’s sad that some people do not get along with their moms. I thought my mom was mean until I got older. Haha.