Tuesday, November 24, 2020

We will have a family Thanksgiving

 Three wheel cars:


                                      The Polarios Slingshot 2020

 For today:

Sherry just took a call from our sons, they both will be here for Thanksgiving Dinner.  We will go out to the local ‘City Café’, Sherry made reservations for 4, and they too called just after the boys to confirm the reservation.

Ok, I have tried the RIT dye.  It is not dry as of this typing.  BUT the results appear to be ‘Not as good as hoped.’  WE of course will wait for a few days to make the final decision. I think we will be happier with an upholstery job.

I installed mirrors and have been riding the bike around this block at least once a day. My legs still aren’t used to it, but I can tell they are working, that is for dang sure.

We are very close to Lake Eustis here. The houses and trailers close to us are on the lake or a canal. Our latest walk route takes us by some beautiful well maintained homes. WE walk by an empty lot on the lake. It is ‘for sale by owner,’ I want to know the price but am still hesitant to call. It would be nice to get involved in building a home there.

Don’t tell Sherry I said that.

WE lived on Lake Dora for a couple years with a great pier. Dora joins Eustis via the Dora Canal. Our boats kept getting beaten up in rough weather and the HOA would not allow us to install a lift to get it out of the water. I declared I did not want to live on a lake again, maybe a canal. BUT this lot already has a boat house…… mmmmmmm

Oh well, it is most likely out of the question;  LOL  but I do like to dream a little. I would love to see a new foundation in the ground. LOL again.

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 PS: This is the second day. I hope this is because it is still wet, I can see upholstery in the future LOL:

I just looked at it after putting the above  in the sun awhile ago, it looks a 'little' better LOL.


Mevely317 said...

So happy to hear your 'boys' will be joining you at City Cafe! It's been so long since I rode a bicycle ... didn't occur to me that's a whole 'nother set of muscles.
That empty lot may be a perfect antidote to the hurdles you recently experienced in Belmont. Wouldn't hurt to call .........

Woody said...

You keep right on Building on those empty Lots !!!! I still "Think" about Arresting some People when I see some of the things they do but my common sense tells me better but I have assisted in several "Arrests" I just happened to witness !!!!
Happy your Sons are gonna be there with you 2 for Thanksgiving ! We luck out as we will be having 2 or maybe 3 Thanksgiving Dinners this year !!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO JACK AND SHERRY ! Sending down Love and Prayers for Health and Happiness ! Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

Your secret is safe with us Jack about the empty lot and your potential plans LOL :)

Glad your boys will be together with you and Sherry for Thanksgiving!! Glad too there is a place you can go to have a meal without having to do the work of cooking it!

Enjoy your time together!


Susan Kane said...

You are an ambitious man. Starting to look at look for-sale sites? Sherry might roll her eyes.

Happy T-giving!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so happy to hear your boys are there to help you celebrate the holiday! It's a day to celebrate home and family..