Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Parched Peanuts

  Interesting Luxury Cars time forgot:


Lincoln Contenental 1956-57

For today:

My dad wasn’t always a minister.  He was raised in North Georgia on a farm. He was the oldest of 13 kids.

When he and mama married he took a share cropping farm. He wanted to raise Peanuts instead of Corn. The owner warned him, Corn will pay us more, but you  are doing the work. I hope you get enough crop to pay the cost.

Dad said that year he had the best peanut crop of any farm around. He raised a train car load of peanuts. He always said he must have been fortunate to accidentally do crop rotation. LOL

This came up because I too love peanuts. I like ‘em wet, just out of the ground. I like ‘em dried and raw, I love ‘em parched even boiled. I bought some parched p-nuts in a bag so I could sit on the patio and crack and eat them. If you do this you KNOW it is messy. Just a little while ago I looked down at my lap and I was a mess. All I had to do was go to the grass and dust everything off, no problem.

My mama cleaned up after us when we parched them in the fireplace, cracked, ate and listened to stories from mama and daddy.  WE even did this back down in Georgia at GGrandpa Hilly’s home and listened to his tales.

Funny what a messy lap can conjure up. I do like these cold peanuts, but they are NOT the same as ones just parched & hot.

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Mevely317 said...

Good for your daddy!
Well, guess I'm not as Southern as I thought -- since I had to Google, "What is a parched peanut."
I love eating them, too. Even the boiled kind.

Woody said...

I can not for the Life of Me eat a "Wet Peanut" !! I have tried believe me ! Hope you celebrated your 245th USMC Birthday in Style, "Semper Fi" ! Sending down our love and regards !! Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

I hadn't even heard the term "wet peanut" until today Jack. You'll have to explain that sometime :) I like peanuts at baseball games :)