Monday, November 23, 2020

Painting and dying cloth

    Three wheel cars:

The Campagna T-Rex  out of Canada 

 For today:

1st: The cat bite is coming along. No redness nor black. I am giving me a passing grade in first aid. The culpret is featured at the end of the post.

I have used paint on shirts to make unique designs. I learned from my sister Shirley.  If she accidentally got a ‘bleach spot’ or a stain on a favorite piece of clothing She would pick design that would work and make a ‘Bumble Bee, butterfly, or even initials. She could do this with cute design patches, paint or sewing thread. She was an artist with this stuff.

I have no doubt some of you have done that, I am nearly positive Lisa over in Gtown has done the deed before.

(I went out to look and get the headboard. Sherry has it looking great)

I am bringing this up because my girl pointed out something that a lady would notice. In the motor home we have a cloth head board. It is now a faded blue. She asked about getting it upholstered.  I said we could do it, she nixed the idea, “Maybe YOU can, but not ME!”  I know she could do it, but has very little self confidence in that area.

Below is the headboard removed, you cna sure tell the  difference. Sherry suggested a darker blue
So I have been thinking and looking on the net, I have decided we can ‘MOST LIKELY’ dye the sucker a darker blue.

I have read and watched YouTube with both spray dye and ‘RIT’ liquid dyes. I am not sure the one I want to try. If we mess up I am sure we can reupholster the thing.

Any suggestions?


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PS: After removing the headboard, it is  Just as I thought it is a very simple upholstery job if the dye turns out terrible.

I passed the traitor on the way out. I tapped the top of the card table and he was up in a second. He rolled over for me but I did not pet him.  I told him again. I have been reading some westerns. They hang crooks like you so you better remember that.


Woody said...

Happy That the "Wounds" Inflicted by that Feline are looking OK ! We are getting reqdy for 2 Turkey Days, We are Blessed to do this, 1 with Anna Maes 87 year old Mother and her 2 Uncles then Saturday My Kids, Grand Kids and Great Grand Kids ! We are Truly Blessed !!! Watch those Wounds, I have used that Spray Dye but I mixed RIT Dye with water and used a Spray Bottle to apply it to a Chair I changed color on ! Came out pretty much same color all over. Take Care, sending down Love and Concern ! Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

so thankful you did a good job with the first aide and are doubt ok. I've never dyed mush but have painted some art work on and then. Just make sure the dye doesn't rub off when you're done. They say putting it in the dryer on high heat should set the color. When I paint a shirt, I iron it to keep it lasting.and it won't wash out. The headboard could be easily recovered but it's worth a try to make it darker. Good Luck!

Susie said...

So glad you do not have an infection where the cat bit you. You are a quick learner. LOL No petting for that beast. I think the headboard will work out. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

Not sure what rock I've been living under, but no. I've never tried affixing a patch or making a design onto a stain. Two favorite shirts have been sporting bleach stains ... what do you want to bet I've been waiting for just this sort of solution.

Sorry, I'm the last person you want to consult re. colorizing upholstery!

betty said...

He looks so innocent in the pictures! Glad your bite is healing! Clueless about dying or upholstering :)


Lisa said...

I would suggest that Sherry go to Hobby Lobby or Walmart and find the perfect small piece of fabric and a large staple gun and cover the headboard instead of dying it, but that is just my opinion.

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