Saturday, November 21, 2020

So, Good news and Bad news.

      The end of Early Luxury Cars time forgot:

The Stutz, 1911-1937

 For today:

Just heard from Jack Jr. he did not get sick after being exposed to the Virus, It has been a couple weeks, he feels good so he is coming down for Thanksgiving.  Son Mark will travel from Florida to NC for Thanksgiving with his family up there. The boys will probably pass on the way up and down. LOL

We are looking forward to Jack Jr. and he will also bring our mail.

Now the bad news. Old Tuxedo Tom my good friend who let me start petting him just a few days after I started feeding him, betrayed me. I was petting him yesterday he was rubbing his head against one arm as I was petting him as he sat in the chair beside me on the patio. All of a sudden the sucker grabbed my arm with his claws and bit my hand pretty deep with his big fangs.

I have never worried about dogs, scratches nor nips. But I have much different thoughts about cats, stemming from a nephew’s experience up in NYC.

Woody had leukemia his dad was a match so he was the donor for the bone marrow transplant. The operation was a success and all was going well. It was done at Sloan Kettering. The doctors warned him of his LACK of an immune system. They warned him about being around animals, specifically warned about cats.  He did not listen, he loved his cats.  He developed an infection (or something from the cats). Everything went downhill fast. He succumbed to the infection. He is gone and it appeared because he paid no attention.

I ALWAYS wash my hands after petting the cats.  So after the encounter of the Tommy Tuxedo kind, I scrubbed the scratches and bite. Poured alcohol on and rubbed it in. (HURT, lol). Then I poured Peroxide on.

Immediately I smacked the sucker after the bite and he ran. Wouldn’t you know it; I went back out and here comes Tux. Rubbing against my legs wanting to be petted.

I told him, “I should just kill you, you rat fink, and this hurts!” He looked up like, ‘I’m sorry…….. maybe.’ Then he jumped up on the card table and rolled over and over asking me to pet him. I didn’t dare. LOL

The bite is still sore today, it is pretty deep. I don’t think I have rabies.  I don’t feel like biting Tux back (YET)!  LOL Maybe I’ll bite Sherry!

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PS: Imma worry if I start growing hair all over!


Chatty Crone said...

Jack once you feel you have rabies it is too late for shots I think. Hopefully he doesn't have it. But maybe you should go to the doctor and be put on antibiotics for it or at least a local antibiotic. Just thinking. sandie

Mevely317 said...

Okay, I'm (capital-)Concerned. I've never known anyone who was bit by a cat, but can attest how quickly an infection can spread. Back in '08(?) I was bit by the dog ... went to the ER for stitches and a boot. When I went for a follow-up a couple days later they sent me right upstairs to a hospital bed and IV. 5 days later I was released but had to stay on an IV drip for another couple weeks. And this was a dog who'd had all his shots. Don't mean to scare you, but please have a doc take a look see.

betty said...

Great that Jack Jr will be joining you and Sherry for Thanksgiving! Now GET TO THE DOCTOR/EMERGENCY ROOM about the cat bite. They can go south really quick so its better to get it checked out earlier than later. I agree with Myra and Sandie and am Concerned like Myra said. Let us know!!!!


bobbie said...

Get thee to a doctor NOW!!
A retired nurse

Susie said...

You might want to keep an eye on that injury. Do not let it go if it starts to looks bad. Sad about your nephew's passing, all because of getting near animals. Blessings to you and your family, be safe at TG. xoxo, Susie

Woody said...

Hey, Glad Jack Jr. is coming and glad his symptoms were not that bad. NOW,, Cat Bites are Bad, I investigated a lot of Dog Bites as they are mandated to be reported in New York State by Law but not cat bites. Sounds like you did a good Job cleaning it up, I know your Honey will keep an Eye on you also !
Take Care, sending down Blessings and Love from up North ! Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ir might be good to get that bite checked our. Beter safe then sorry. Glad you have some family coming for Thanksgiving. I dose make a difference for sure. Thanksgiving is a time for home and family. I'm thinking that cat must have a touchy sore spot that you happened to touch and that's why the bite. He seems friendly enough otherwise.