Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Being more personal, better or just a choice

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Remembering my sister Shirley. She was a private person but loved to know about others. She seldom commented on FB but loved to read intimate things of other’s lives.   I must give a little here, maybe there is some of that in US humans.

There are gossip columns people love. Then the ‘Rags’, on the level of the inquirer. A lot of that has dropped in ‘intensity’ since we have FB.  I am just learning there are MORE places like FB that get even more intimate.  I haven’t looked, and I do not NEED to know that. LOL

RELATED, but still a subject of ‘General  & Intimate’ thoughts and information.  Greetings Cards …. Birthday, Anniversaries and Christmas. It took a few Christmases but we now are down to a few cards, mostly family. (anyone notice it is now a half dollar a stamp?)

I am not sure of all families, but Sherry’s extended family has ‘Janet’, Vernon’s wife, a CARD person. I remember once hearing at a family gathering, “If I don’t get a birthday card from Janet I will know something is BAD  WRONG.” (She should have had stock in Hallmark.)  NOTICE: She had 12 siblings alone and they all had children and Vernon’s family had 7 siblings. They all got cards Christmas and Birthdays.

Maybe it is me, or men in general, but cards are down on the list of importance.  To my SWEETHEART, cards are VERY important for ‘close’ friends and family.  A card cannot say simply “Happy Birthday”, but to her sons it must say, “To Our Son”. The same with “To our Grandson” or to a “Grandson/Granddaughter on His/Her Birthday.” I have no problem with that, but she must pick them (I sorta go buggy at card racks). Also the VERSE must say the right thing.

I have to admit as I get older I DO read the verses, but there was a time ‘us boys’ DID appreciate the THOUGHT, but mainly, ‘Is there money inside?’, just being ‘male’ honest, as I remember.

Anyway Christmas is coming up, there isn’t the number of cards as once was, but still there will be cards.


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PS: Thanks for taking time to stop by. I think we bloggers have noticed, blogging is going the way of greetings cards. ;-)  and :-O and ;-(


Chatty Crone said...

Some people are really into cards. I have to say me - not so much. They are so expensive! But I do read them when I get one.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I still send out cards especially at Christmas. I don't get many back but that is on them not me...I'll still send them out it is part of my Christmas traditions. They've got such a good variety out there and I like to share some Christmas cheer out there with everyone I know. Many times I spend greetings in the mail to save the postage, but I don't think it is quite the same thing.

Glenda said...

Agree with the Christmas card sending, I send fewer each year because most family and friends are on Facebook! I do love receiving cards, however, and do send to those from who I receive one.
Jack, I think we women are more sentimental with regard to greeting cards, especially birthdays!!!

Mevely317 said...

The price of greeting cards is getting insane! So glad when I discovered the Dollar Tree's nice selection for only 50-cents. My sweet mother was one to linger in the card aisle, carefully reading each verse. (Me, not so much.) I try to save cards from my son and grands. Tom, too. But I've noticed most of the young people these days just dispose of them together with the wrapping paper.

'Still haven't decided whether or not to send Christmas greetings. That was such a Big Deal -- both in my parent's home and in my early adult. Those with photos and a personal note were treasured and saved. (Yes, even the annual 'braggadocious' newsletters.) I miss it.

Susan Kane said...

Decades ago, I was dedicated to sending cards. LIfe became busier, I grew older, and working was what I did at that time.

Now I send e-cards, and it is great. I can plan ahead and set up a card to send.

betty said...

Cards like Myra said can be so expensive! I've gotten to the point of getting the cheap ones from Wal-Mart or the dollar store and then writing in something "personal" to the recipient :) My mom called the Inquirer the rag paper LOL. When she lived with us, I mentioned this I think already, I would pick that up along with another one that I can't remember the name of it for her to enjoy reading (honestly I liked them too LOL)


Lisa said...

We used to send out 40 cards every year. Now we do not send any. We stopped one year just to see who would send them to us without us sending one to them first. We get about five. With the price of cards and stamps and the trouble it is to find cards that actually say “Merry Christmas”, we just gave up sending cards. However, I do send a few out to blogger friends just because.