Sunday, November 8, 2020

Cats and Con-men

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 1938 Jaguar 

For today:

I am not out of the woods yet. I have spent a lot of time talking to ‘Lucy’ the cat.  We had a talk about con-men last evening.  I told her about that dude in South Carolina awhile back who took us for hundreds of dollars. He had convinced me he was a stranded pilot who had had everything stolen. I bought it hook line and sinker.

I told her about a ‘contractor’ who took my sweet neighbor for a couple thousand dollars over in Charlotte.  He promised to add a room and carport. She asked if she need to pay anything up front. “Oh no mam, you don’t know me.  But I NEVER take money until materials are on the lot to show good faith.”

The next day there was 4 bags of mortar mix $18) and a $50 pile of sand. She paid him $2200. And never saw him again.

I have heard many stories, even given money to some, knowing something wasn’t right.

Lucy seemed to say to me; you are like those silly dogs. They will believe anything. They trust you humans.  You could have a gun or knife to do harm and them not know it.  Dogs are gullible. You notice that is not true with us cats. YOu have fed me for a cuple months and you still haven’t proven to me that you are not gonna trap me and send me off to the Animal control, then to LALA land. Maybe you are not a con man, but I don’t know that yet!

She had a point.  Con men are just that. They get our confidence and BAM!  And I'm saying, what did I just do?

Anyway life is like that.  I have been taken by some good con men.  But in the long run I still trust.  I was done very dirty by a Highway Patrolman and a small town judge once. My new wife was with me, it made the blow worse.  But I do not put all law enforcement into the same bag.  I still trust our police service.

Salesmen and politicians can also get your confidence, then throw you faith to the wind. BUT I know good men in those professions and I can still trust.

As my dad once said, that is why they are called confidence men, they first get your confidence. 

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PS: I know about confidence men, and I am still like a dog! ;-)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How clever comparing cats and humans to con men. It does take a lot of trust to become their friends. Cass can be very independent for sure. Hope your Lucy comes to know she can trust you. Hope you are feeling better and getting a good rest. We've got almost Florida weather in Ohio today, but we know the cold is coming. Eat is always done. Thankfully latter than sooner this year.

Lisa said...

I am one of those people that trust everybody. Sometimes too much. Nick on the other hand doesn’t trust anyone. Once bitten twice shy.
Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Happy Monday

Chatty Crone said...

Con men can are like wolves in sheep's clothing.

Woody said...

We are enjoying Florida Weather for a few days, Outside in T shirts on November 9th and have been for a week !! Christmas lights almost all done ! I like an Hate Black Walnuts !!! Sure hope you feel better, Glad your Honey enjoyed her Birthday ! Get some rest, stay Dry and sending down Love and Cares from Sunny, warm Northern New York, Gary an Anna Mae !

Mevely317 said...

Yep, we've been taken on more than once occasion, and left feeling foolish. Oh, I believe in karma ... just wish it wouldn't take so long. Ha!
Love that Lucy's at least abiding you. Everyone needs a sounding board!

yaya said...

We've been conned a few times. I'm more suspicious than Jack! Seems to me that your cats have gotten conned a few times too..those cute kittens came from some smooth meowing Tom Cat!

betty said...

Got taken by a guy putting up the brick wall for our back yard. He listed on his estimate that he would clean up everything after the job was done. When paying him his final installment I asked when he would come to remove the taken down wood fence. He said he didn't do that; too expensive for him to do so to take it to the dump. I said his estimate said he would clean up everything. He said that meant his stuff he brought. Lesson learned. Next time I needed work done I made sure to say "what do you clean up" to those involved.

I hope Lucy trusts you more! I considerable you trustable!