Sunday, November 29, 2020

Finishing up and getting ready

 Three wheel cars:

 The MEV trike.

Now: (I am posting this a little early, I hope we are on the road when you read this on Monday morn)

I finished the trim work on Sherry’s make-up table (I do not know what to call it yet, LOL) I was going to put swing out or side mirrors, but she said this is just for makeup.

I cannot leave a site without my tools loaded. So as I was loading some, I felt a mist of water. I thought, ‘The neighbor must be down from NY already and watering his grass.’

Boy was I wrong, it was a burst hose feeding the motor home and it had been running a long time. Now we are looking for a ‘million$’ water bill.  LOL  an exaggeration of course.

You can tell the difference in girls going somewhere and boys. Sherry takes her ‘clothes’, she says you never know which ones you might need, so best to have them all.

Mostly I have enough clothes that hang in the coach and I don’t need to take any. I don’t have to load makeup nor shampoo. LOL.

It is always fun to get ready to leave, I feel all good down inside. 

Take care and be safe, and of course THANKS for stopping by our house…

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bobbie said...

Safe travels, you two ~ and have fun! Hope it all shakes down well ~

betty said...

Safe travels! Water bill might not be as bad as you expected. Let's hope so, right?


Glenda said...

Wishing y'all a fun adventure, looking forward to your trip! Love from Chobee, Glenda

Mevely317 said...

Thank goodness you discovered the hose sooner rather than later!
I totally agree with Sherry's philosophy about packing. One never knows!

Happy trails!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my, on the water bill. Hopefully it wasn't leaking for too long before you found it. Not doubt your grass all be green there more than any other place around the house. I'd have to take lots of clothes, shampoos etc. too. Funny how girls need more than guys do. At least most of us are just like Sherry. Have fun and enjoy a safe and happy trip!

Dar said...

May you two lovies have a wonderful, memorable trip as usual. As for the leak, good thing it found you. My packing for a trip has changed considerably. An overnight bag works quite well, however, I always have an extra bag, ' just in case ' I find something I just cannot live without. Bill says I always come home with more than when we left. He's right.
loven'hugs from up north where we are still having fair the 40's by Wed., just scattered snow here and there,...very unusual this time of year.

Woody said...

Its 4;45PM an DARK ! Hope you got on the road OK for your Trip, Enjoy the Ride ! Safe Travels to you 2, Hope you have enough Clothes ? Sending love and Wishes for a Great Trip ! Love, Gary an Anna Mae

NanaDiana said...

Hope you are on the road and safe and sound. I'm with Sherry-A girl needs what a girl needs. lol
Sorry about the water leak though. We had one a few years back where my hubby left a hose running. I looked out and said I didn't know we had a drainage ditch out back. He turned it off and we were $487!!!! poorer that month. lol
Have a safe/wonderful week. Hugs- Diana

Lisa said...

The make up table is called a ‘Vanity”. Every girl needs one.
Hope you kids have a safe trip.


Rosie said...

Hope you have a safe trip. Send some photos too. My travel clothes are like Sherry's and my husband is like you! Enjoy your trip, wish I was travelling again but it's getting too hot here to go north which is our favourite area. My blog has some of our past trips if you are interested.