Monday, November 30, 2020

Just a few bumps

1934 Buick Roadster

First thing on the road, I forgot to secure Sherry's computer good enough, it turned over. She had to sit back at the table and hold it until I could pull over to the side of the road to fix it. She felt better if she rode back there and held it. So she did.

 The coach seemed to drive better, but once burned, twice burned and third time burned in this sucker you can get paranoid at ever sound. LOL But we did make it okay and are set up.  I fixed shrimp/veggie stir fry for supper. I did not see the ceramic dish that I use to fix rice in the microwave so Sherry fixed rice in a smaller pot. My sweetheart prefers stove top rice to microwave. It doesn't make a flip to me, I think they are both good. 

 Maybe I should look into the rice in the airfryer if that is possible. The Airfryer is back at the trailer, that is one BIG piece of equipment and not suitable for the coach unless I put it in the basement compartments. Anyway, we are happy campers, even if it did turn off cool for the first day of our 'vacation.' ;-) 

 Y'all take care and be safe...

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Susan Kane said...

Airfryer to make rice? That is unexpected.

Enjoy your trip! Still in Florida?

Woody said...

"Shake Down Cruise from Repairs", Hope things go well, Sorry about Sherry's puter, hope it didn't get damaged. I dropped things like--Butter Dish- Milk fell out of frig, Medicine Cabinet door flew open, in the Camper on Trips, Enjoy yourselves and keep us posted ! Love from a cooler North, down in the 40's ! Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

They are pricey, but there is rice that is ready to be microwaveable; I think Minute Rice puts it out. Comes out pretty tasty too! Enjoy your vacation and glad you got there safely!


yaya said...

A trip sounds fun so I hope you both have a great time! Safe travels and I'll look forward to your adventures!

Mevely317 said...

Good to 'see' you! I was just going to mention the microwaveable rice packets. We always keep a packet on hand to settle tummies -- canine or human.
Burned? I had to chuckle when, coming back from the V.A. today, Tom remarked, "Do you think the truck sounds loud?" No dear, your hearing aids are finally working again ... welcome back to the Real World.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad everything turned out all right, yes you are right, keeping safe is important. I wear a mask when I go out. Washing my hands good too, when I return home. Meanwhile hand sanitizer does the job. I like my rice cooked on the stove top too. Have a a happy and safe trip !

Glenda said...

Good to hear y'all got "On the Road Again"! Your dinner sounds delicious; I like my rice stovetop cooked also, like Mama made it, and her "Spanish Rice" was terrific :) Be safe, love from Chobee. Glenda

Lisa said...

No silly, you can’t make rice in an air fryer.haha. Glad you got the computer secure.

Stay safe