Sunday, March 6, 2022

A matter of Trust

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 I am not sure I would trust myself to drive this 1951 Ford.


For today:

We have been looking for someone to pour a concrete slab for the coach.  I have been very disappointed in men who said, “I will come out and look at the job.”  2 or 3 did not show up; trust falls thru the cracks.

I understand about construction jobs, having been involved in them for many years. The unexpected happens, equipment breaks. A water line can erupt and REQUIRE attention and take priority.  Many things can happen, but common courtesy, and for ‘trust in your company’, notification is called for.

Politicians from local to national at times say one thing and do another. The one thing I do not appreciate in politics is when ‘religious activities are USED’ to take advantage of believers, saying, hinting, “I am a part of ‘your family’.”  BUT their lives don’t show it: they might talk the talk but the proof is when they walk the walk.

Many people do not trust our major news networks. I don’t watch the news, I do read it. I have NOT seen any flagrant ‘false news’ that I can put my finger on.  Boy have I heard some saying that it is ALL false? YES!  I DO NOT (MPO) believe that all major news is reported wrong.  I would like to see more writing that REPORTS news without a slant or opinion.

I do not expect to be loved nor liked by everyone. BUT when my name is mentioned, I hope most folks who know me can say, “You can trust him!”

My attorney once said, “I search the homes you sell and NONE have construction loans or outstanding debts; how do you build without owing on the land, materials and labor?”

“I borrow from friends.”

“Where is the paperwork?”

“There is no paperwork, WE shake hands. I make a note and put it in the safe in case I should die before I pay them, Sherry will know who to pay. I make loans to them when necessary.”

“Folks trust a handshake for $50,000? You can’t do that!”

“You can when you are trusted.” (I didn’t tell them I paid 10% interest, it wasn’t any of his business. LOL )


At the time Construction loans ran 12%.

 He explained I needed a paper trail, etc  ………



PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

In order to trust someone, I would say it depends on their actions. I agree, people need to walk the talk. Anyone can say something, but we don't always trust them. Hope you can find someone that lives up to their words soon. It gets very frustrating when they don't show up.

Mevely317 said...

Still no luck finding a contractor? People!
I've not watched the network (ie mainstream media) in more than a year. Instead, we get our news from One America Network. That way I'm not corkscrewing myself into the ceiling.

betty said...

Lol with Myra's comment. I lost trust in our politicians and our news media. Both are going to have to work hard to gain my trust back. Wow, amazing you can't find anyone to do your concrete slab project. That is so frustrating.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

It's sad when trades people do not keep their promises to attend when they say so. Same here too. Happened to us last week.

God bless.