Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Tissue? Both ends now?

Memorable Automobiles inside :


For today: Mr. Kleenex had a good PR man/woman they even fit in the car!

Around my house we have Tissue, both facial and toilet! Okay even in church, since we have folks who go to the altar and some cry; RIGHT THERE is a box of ‘facial tissue!’  Now a roll of good quality toilet tissue would do the same job, but would not be appreciated.


I carry a handkerchief. I had to laugh at the situations Victor mentioned in his blog concerning movies. When a lady cries, the male actor will always hand her a freshly washed and ironed handkerchief (It is never a used one!); BUT she never returns it.

There was a time you ladies carried a handkerchief, why did you quit?  Now you must carry a tissue in your purse and I would bet (like our motor home) you have some boxes of tissues sitting around.

What ever happened to the dainty ‘handkerchief’ a lady carried?  (Don't y'all want to save the planet?)  ;-)

Whether it meant anything or not, my 7th grade teacher recommended every one carry a handkerchief. Use it to sneeze and to blow your nose in. BUT added, advise your mama to wash all the family handkerchiefs separate from the rest of the clothes to prevent spreading ‘germs.’  Now my mama had enough to do on Monday’s wash days with coloreds and whites without running an extra load thru the machine and the wringer, so I kept my mouth shut.  I figured the germs would be drowned, or squeezed to death in the wringers.

BUT someone has been great in sales ads at replacing the versatile ‘hanky’ with a flimsy disposable tissue. LOL

BESIDES all those actresses should have had their own hanky instead of stealing the leading man’s.

After reading this, my sweetheart will tell me, it is none of my business where she blows her nose as long as she doesn’t use my hanky! 

Last word before I get hit! (I still think a girl should have a hanky!)


PSa: Do you ever leave a tissue in your pocket and wash it with the clothes? Ouch!

PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:




Mevely317 said...

This post makes me smile! One of my first 'jobs' around the house, mother allowed me to sprinkle daddy's newly laundered handkerchiefs before putting on the (mangle) iron to press.

I never had much use for pretty hankies until I was going thorugh my mother's things and discovered a crumpled piece of floral cloth in one of her jacket pockets. Ever since, it's become a permanent part of my handbag.

Susan Kane said...

My dad always had a kerchief in his right back pocket, along with a pocket knife. It was part of that time.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You are right, Jack. Time was people had their own handkerchiefs. Also men used to have an extra handkerchief sticking out of the top pocket of their jackets. Now they don't do that any more. And sometimes a flower in their button hole of the jacket.

Now it's all changed. I have a few sheets of toilet paper sticking out of my top pocket in my jacket, and a plastic flower from the button hole. I'm quite stylish around here. All the people talk about me behind my back.

God bless.

Glenda said...

Ha Ha, love your closing line; response today. Beat to the bone, still having 'puter issues.
On the other hand, two good buddies showed up for corned beef slow cooked and "melt in the mouth delicious" with all the sides. Fancy Kraut, red potatoes, baby carrots, cornbread AND for the first time ever I made a Flan with a caramel sauce, YUM!
So, Happy St. Pat's to you and yours, Love from Chobee!


betty said...

I am not sure I even had any hankies, lol. I know my mom had a few old ones but she only used tissues :) Hubby still carries a handkerchief and has been known to give it to me or the grand kids in case we need one :) Cute blog post tonight Jack!


Lisa said...

The past few years, I have been using a cloth hanky in church (yes, Im an emotional one when the songs start playing). If my eyes aren’t watering up with emotions, then they are watering up with allergies. I always have drippy eyes and nose. I love the cloth hanky over the paper ones. They do not leave particles that add to my problem and it feels cleaner and more absorbent.
My daddy always carried a hanky. He used it on all our noses, boo boos and messes all the time. He had four kids and the hanky had four corners. Now picture that! Haha.

Tired in Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When I was a child we still used hankies. Now I use Kleenex. I think they are more sanitary. My grandmother always sent me a new hanky in my birthday card and I've kept them in my memory box. They are treasures and not used anymore, but they were. And I'm more than thankful for bathroom tissue, much softer than old catalog pages we used to use in the outhouse.