Saturday, March 5, 2022

Insulation and non-insulation

  Car of the day

I am very familiar with insulation trucks, from another life. LOL

So for today:

Many of us are insulated from the darker sides of life, i.e. Poverty, hunger, homelessness, drug and alcohol addictions, divorce, and poor health. So much so that when hit in the face with it, it messes with our world. 

In my childhood I only knew of one divorce. It was a dear friend’s mom and dad. The dad was unfaithful and she had had enough. I remember because she was a very sweet pretty young mother. My buddy was devastated, he hugged his dog a lot back then.

So Sherry & I are no longer mentally insulated from some of the world’s nastiness. WE know a lot about drugs, alcohol, jails and divorce. If your family has not been touched by these you are so blessed.

BUT, but I can remember sweeter times when insulation meant keeping, noise, heat and cold out of your home. AND something still a real memory is cold air coming in thru cracks and around windows because of lack of insulation during our ‘mild’ southern winters.

BUT!  But thanks to friend Rick (RIP) who brought back to my memory the ‘non-insulated’ SOUND OF RAIN on a tin roof, one of my sweetest childhood memories.  

final note:

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PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:



betty said...

That is such a cute video with the dog directing the backing in! It is hard when life throws us curve balls that we least expect or want, but I think through them that is when our faith is tested the best and when we gain valuable knowledge and wisdom to share with others when they too go through the rough patches of life. It also helps us have empathy and sympathy for others when they face life difficulties. It is tough though living through them.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

It is so difficult these days to be insulated from life's ills and troubles. I firmly believe that sincere prayers are the best insulation in such situations. To sincerely tell God how we feel, how we can't cope, and how we so much need His help.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

I need that dog!
Indeed, it seems wherever one looks -- regardless of socio-economic background, race, religion (etc) -- few families are immune to trouble. I agree with Victor. There's little one can do but pray. The trick is, letting Jesus take the wheel.

yaya said...

Sometimes being insulated isn't so bad and with the news these days I want to bury my head some mornings and just ignore the world. But then maybe I'd miss an opportunity to make some kind of difference. There were very few divorces when I was a kid but what I noticed were the homes where something seemed off. I'm glad I was blessed with parents who loved each other and worked as a team. That sweet dog beats any backup camera! (although I do love my backup camera..and my heated seats!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with Myra, there have been many things that threw a curve in my life, but sometime ww just have to turn it over...let go and let God.