Friday, March 4, 2022

THAT maintenance! Remember simply: on & off?

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So for today:

This Coach is ‘old’ by today’s standards, it is a 2000 model. I have modified it a lot. I added 120v lighting in each area. And due to so many chargers required added outlets also.

So with its age, comes repairs. That is what I have been doing lately.

The RV commode is gravity flow and foot operated to flush. It must be rebuilt periodically. The last time I did this one was 2017. I just did it again. I noticed I don’t bend and mold well in this small space anymore, harder to fit-in!

Then there is this jewel…….. an outdated Thermostat. They are not for sale new at ANY PRICE. You can send if off for $175 they will repair it. I decided to fix it. The parts are miniature but not impossible. It works now.

Rear A/C quit. It has a bad Circuit board…..

Not available new at any price, ‘used but not guaranteed’ are available for $250. It has been years since I read an electronic schematic, but I dug into it and figured I could eliminate all those chips and most of the circuit board. Now it is no longer controlled by mystery, We have simple on/off switches.

You would think traveling had nothing to do with an on/off switch!  Wrong….

Sherry asks, “What happened to just turning on the TV?” We bought new TVs for the coach a few years ago. I’m sure you know you have to program the new TV when you first get it. (You have at least 254+ options, i.e. cable, air, hulu, Netflix---- !!  Then you must search the area for stations available whether on cable or air!  Well in a motor home you must reprogram or at least do a search for stations each time you move. You just do not turn it on and watch!

Just like here, your furnace and A/C are also ‘thermally controlled’, even though you might move a switch to ‘on’, internally, it is using ‘those mysterious chips & ckt boards,’ many things are decided before the unit is actually comes on.

 That is why I have been  little slow lately.... ;-)

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PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:




Mevely317 said...

Unsympathetic genitals? ... LOLOLOLOL!

I was almost growing a headache just hearing about everything needed to keep y'all comfortable. What on earth would someone without your knowledge do? I'm guessing rob banks to pay for repairs, or just turn around and sell it.

betty said...

I admire your persistence, Jack, in trying to do the repairs yourself! LOL with the genitals. I think I'm going to remember this for a long time!


Unknown said...

I'm old enough to remember buying a TV, plugging it in and voila, you had a picture. Not anymore. Those days are gone. Unsympathetic genitals. Ha Ha Ha!!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You are very talented and resourceful, Jack. Well done. I would not know what to do.

God bless always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good thing you are so handy and can do all those repairs and maintenance. Most folks wold have traded it in for new long ago. Hope you can keep things going for a long while yet. You are saving a lot of money doing that.

Dar said...

LOL, when we have problems with technology, we call the kids. They can fix things for us now that we're ' old,' as they say. Heck, even the grandloves understand more than we do. LOL, now we know why God gave us so many kids and grandloves.
loven'hugs from our icy, icy north. We have a half inch of ice everywhere we look...I saw a chickadee slide right down the branch he was sitting on.