Friday, March 18, 2022

News and occupations, TWO-FACED

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


We are all familiar with the term 'two-faced' have even known one or two people like that. They are not limited to the USA.

For today:

From the local news here:

Authorities have arrested 108 people, including alleged child sexual predators and those seeking prostitutes, in a six-day undercover human trafficking operation in Florida. Among those taken into custody were four Disney employees and a retired judge, police said

EVERY occupation could be the basis of a great TV series or movie. Remember Taxi, Home improvement, Mash, Beulah, Police stories, etc.  I am sure you can think back and in most jobs you have held there was comedy, romance and tragedy.  It takes a master though, to put that into words and drama and come up with a hit series.

Both our sons have fantastic families. The grands have done well in life and make a granddaddy happy. Their variety gives spice to our lives.

I look back at my life and it is sorta like the cobbler or blacksmiths. Jobs I have held are practically gone now, or changed so much they would not be recognized.  I was thinking of something my girl said yesterday. She was talking about ‘politics’ in an office. At one time she was the front runner for a job, one she was already filling temporarily.  BUT someone who knew someone got the job. She said, “You know, I was going to leave my job and take one as a ‘keypunch’ operator.

The word ‘Keypunch’ is an antique word now. Most people would have no idea what it means.  Some of you do, some have actually punched cards (or used them) and even know what a ‘chad’ or chad box is. LOL

Now back to the opening. A story like that has a lot of back ground and investigation. It is ‘simply’ the results of men and women doing their jobs.  The fact that they ran into a former Judge breaking the law grates against my nerves. To think this man actually ‘sentenced’ people to fines and jail for doing exactly whatever it was he was doing.

To be honest with the judge, I have no idea (from the article) if he was actually dealing in human trafficking or soliciting prostitution. BUT he was breaking laws he had once enforced. That rubs one the wrong way!

Every Occupation has ‘TWO-FACED’ people. The ones that bother me most are law enforcement and religious zealots.



PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a well known fact. There are two faced people in every occupation. No one seems except anymore. It really hurts when someone you expect to uphold the law, breaker them themselves. I agree with you whole heartedly. Those pictures of the two faced trucks are hilarious !

Mevely317 said...

Yep, to what Ma said -- seems there's two-faced folks everywhere these days. (I call them liars.) Shaking my head about the judge, but what's more disgusting (to me) are the Disney employees. Like they've been given license to fish in a fully stocked pond. Ugh!

Thanks for tempering my outrage with these hilarious photos!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

The thing about these double cars is what happens if you want to drive one place and the wife wants to go shopping?

It's bad enough when she says turn right and the satellite navigation lady says turn left.

God bless.

betty said...

I saw that article about the 108 arrested. Glad to see them potentially off the streets for a little bit and getting hopefully just punishment! I too agree that there are lots of two faced people around. And like you, it does bother me when someone who proclaims to be religious often is caught doing something totally illegal or immoral. It defaces those who are trying to do what is right and pleasing to God. I wonder how they feel when facing their Maker on their passing if they have not repented this side of eternity.


yaya said...

I'm glad to see folks getting caught that do such horrible things and to have a man of law be involved is disgusting. I've had the displeasure of knowing 2 faced people. You always have to watch your back with them!