Friday, March 4, 2022

The Space Station?

  Car of the day

Gas and gas stations, I remember when I though gas would always be less than 30 cents a gallon.
So for today:

With this crazy dangerous attack by Russia, ………What about the international Space station?... We were having so much fun playing together like grownups….

I can imagine the uneasiness of the UK and EU. There are still folks there who remember very well the brunt of WWII!  WE have a couple friends who live in Athens, the blow up isn’t far from them.

To me one of the scariest things so far is bombing a Nuclear Power Plant. You know those close must worry about leaked Radiation. I was surprised about Chernobyl. I guess I wasn’t paying attention, I was seeing that catastrophe as on Russian soil, I was wrong, and it is in the Ukraine.

I am just a little upset that some of our GOP politicians voted against support of the Ukraine. Some comparing this attack to our southern border.  I ain’t happy with our southern border my ownself, but to hint it is right up there with an all-out unprovoked military attack, is sorta mentally questionable.  Again here, this is an OPINION, not fact.

I am proud of some of your young men and women (USA & Canada) who are headed toward the Ukraine on their own to assist in the resistance.

Y’all take care, this mess is on my mind, I B back on track tomorrow……  BTW Spring is in the air…

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PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:



Mevely317 said...

How true, that last meme. I love it!

betty said...

I remember when I started driving gas was 33 cents a gallon. My how things have changed :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We used to pay 23 cents a gallon when I started driving. These days I'm thinking twice before I get in the car. Maybe I don't really need to go anywhere. I too saw on the news that there are many young men volunteering there services to fight. I'm proud of them and their efforts. Meanwhile I keep praying for an end to it all.