Thursday, March 24, 2022

Rain and teeth

 Memorable Vehicles from The Past:

 It is tough supervising a concrete pour in the rain!

For today:

I GUESS if a cloud gets so full of water, that water falls to the ground as rain.  It seems that in my life time when nature heard me call the concrete company for a delivery, NATURE said, "Time for rain."  Sorta like the little bird told its mama as they were flying, ”I need to poop!” Mama says, “Wait until we find jack’s car!”

Nah, that isn’t true, but there were a few times my pour was delayed by rain. Admittedly in the Carolinas we have ‘red clay’ (red dirt when dry). When it gets wet it is a long time drying out. 

Now here with the Florida sand, you don’t wait as long, but you still wait.

There is finally movement on the slab, I just got a call saying they were forming in the rain. 

There are a lot of puzzles in this life. One big one is water. Like the giant springs across the USA that dump millions of gallons of beautiful fresh cool water  day. Why doesn’t it run out?

Ever watch water fall over Niagara? As I did,  I thought, that will surely level out soon! BUT IT KEEPS ON!

 On a ‘sweeter’ note, dentist. I checked with a dentist we know in SC, they do not do bridges. I have checked around here and I have the best price I will get. Besides that, they just called and said if I could be there in two hours they can start. I am for that.

Just got another call from JJr. Saying they are still working on the slab forming. So, it looks like some things are coming around… I can hardly wait to get to the dentist office. LOL

....... Just got back (Thurs aft) from dentist. I was told I already have the senior discount! (smile). But WOW, The tooth to be pulled was stubborn, it cracked (loud) three times. Funny that, the lady in the room beside me told Sherry when she walked out, "There was some loud cracking from over in your husband’s chair!" Both roots broke and were stubbornly holding onto the bone, they had to grind them out, leaving a BIG hole. 

I have to wait for 2 weeks to let that CRATOR fill in before the final impression.  Two impressions were made today.?? Don’t know the reasons for them.


PS: This I have learned:

Zero  is the only number that cannot be represented by Roman numerals.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad both have got started and things are now moving forward. Hopefully all this will soon be a bad memory for you. And glad you don't have to take a trip to Mexico. Getting it done close to home has to be a relief for you. Take care and hopefully things will soon be done.

Mevely317 said...

Aw Jack, I'm sorry you had to experience that episode at the dentist. Could you hear me cringing here on the other side of the monitor? I hope you're not in too much pain right now? AND that the Tooth Fairy makes it worth your while.

Singing: Gray skies gonna clear up, put on a happy face! Hugs from sunny 'Bama.

Susan Kane said...

OH, Jack. You have been through stage 1 and 2 of a never ending dental work on that simple event.
A B-in-law went to Mexico for work done in the "Dental Town". It wasn't a good job. He went back and back, and eventually went to a credible dentist here in US.

Lisa said...

Nick had a tooth pulled a couple weeks ago. Same thing with him. He had a stubborn root holding ground. He has a big hole now too.

I hate going to the dentist.

betty said...

Glad you got the work started with your tooth and the pouring the slab is coming together too. Almost like killing two birds with one stone! Ick though with how stubborn that tooth was! It had been with you a long time and it wasn't willing to part from you!


yaya said...

We had a ton of rain and today it's snowing and blowing! I hope all goes well with the tooth. Dental work is so expensive. Good luck! I know the slab will get done. Then I'll have concrete
envy! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!