Thursday, March 3, 2022

Just doing a job could be nasty and dangerous

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Another shot from Josh. He caught this 1955 step side Chevy P/U

For today:

The USA is refusing to allow Russian planes into their air space and vice versa. Same with the European nations.......

 Get the picture . Romania, Poland, Finland border or are very near Russia. Turkey is just across the Black Sea from Ukraine.  If a passenger plane from Russia, or vice versa strays and the military of that country is ordered to shoot it down.  Unthinkable, but we are there.

On the ground in the Ukraine are kids, just like in your family. I took this in either Athens or Istanbul. They are just kids..

I have said it many times, the military man is not much different than the carpenter, clerk or plumber of some BIG business.  The person has a job to do, The military man can be a desk-jockey, a ground pounder, truck driver or pilot.  He “simply” follows orders, the difference is the military personnel cannot quit and have agreed that they are willing to die if necessary while working. Most in the military have families, they love and miss them like anyone else. Most even have some friends who are not military.

Now put yourself in the pilot’s place and he is ordered to escort the plane out of the restricted air space or shoot it down if the pilot refuses. SAY the pilot (an honorable conscientious person) is ordered to destroy the plane and he REFUSES to shoot and kill everyone aboard; he can never go home. He would have to fly to a friendly nation and give them the plane in exchange for his life and protection.

I worked closely with our USN pilots. When A Russian BEAR (big bomber) was near our fleet WE scrambled fighters to escort it. Pilots of both planes knew they had a job to do. Our pilots would use their personal cameras to shoot pictures like this below.

 (The plane in the distance was called the 'Bear' at the time it was the best of Russia. One of our planes closest. I worked in the Intelligence center and we processed film. The Photomates would also do the pilots a favor and processed their personal film also.) Photo below taken above the North Atlantic.

I have photos somewhere with the Russian Pilots waving.  One Russian co-pilot held up a Play Boy magazine. The pilots would joke with the Russians, but said they always followed instructions and allowed them to escort them away from the Fleet.  That was COLD-WAR times. Now we are back to that place again.  These are bad, serious and dangerous times.  Time for prayer for the leaders of this country and the free world. It is NOT time for blame, it is time to react and pray.  Until the shooting starts these pilots are simply men doing a job, no animosity.

Personally, I am not for putting US soldiers boots on the ground at this time. That is my personal opinion.





Lisa said...

Im with you on the prayer and no boots on the ground.


betty said...

I second (or is that third) it about prayers and no boots on the ground.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the explanation, it helps to understand about air space. I agree, no boots on the ground. Sad times. Prayers for everyone.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm definitely praying for all concerned. It breaks my heart seeing all those brave people. The kids and woman having to leave loved ones. Prayer can work miracles and I'm counting on that.

Dar said...

We also are praying hard for safe return to all as they wonder if they'll ever see family and home again. We agree with no boots on the ground. Prayer is a most powerful thing so we must continue to pray and pray hard.
loven'hugs from our northern parts where our grandloves can still run free as we pray for them too.

Mevely317 said...

That story about the pilot holding up a Playboy magazine made me LOL. No matter their uniform, boys will be boys!

We're joining you in prayer that all return safely to their loved ones. No boots on the ground!