Thursday, March 17, 2022

Livermush (not liverwurst or souse meat.)

 Today’s automobile:

 The first Uber mass transit!

 Some thoughts for today:

When we go thru an area that has a specialty food and get a chance I like to try it. BBQ is one style of cooking that has ‘local’ ideas and recipes.  I know it is an opinion, but NC has some of the best in the world. It is what you get used to.

I have tried BBQ in most areas we travel. Overall I certainly prefer NC BBQ. The Red Pig in Concord, NC and Bridges BBQ, in Shelby, NC have some of the best.

BUT something VERY unique to our area of NC is livermush.  We love it. Many turn their nose up at the sound of liver. Livermush was originally a ‘poor folks’ dish.  It actually does not taste like liver. When packaged it is ready to eat. But it can be sliced and fried for breakfast and/or sandwiches.  It is good for a snack or a meal.

A funny line from Stephen (One of Jack Jr’s twins) When he moved to Knoxville to manage a music store. He called his dad and said, “We have moved to a foreign country, they have never heard of livermush here!”

It is made from ‘scrap meat from the hog including the liver and much of the hog head. It uses corn meal and spices. We really do like it.

My BIL Dick who knew Mr. Hunter out of Marion NC told me this story. Mr Hunter worked in the furniture factories around Marion. His wife made Livermush and he sold it on the side. Finally the business become so big he quit the factory and started a Livermush business.  It was a great success.

When it grew to where he needed a machine to weigh, price and package it. A company was located by his wife, and he took his first plane ride, to Chicago wearing his Bib overalls.

He was picked up at the airport, toured the company then sat down to discuss what he needed. They could do it but they needed a $5000 check to bind the deal.

“I don’t have a $5000 check,” Mr Hunter said. Before he could continue the man said.

As he stood, “Mr Hunter I am sorry we cannot do business. We need the check and without it you have wasted your time, I am truly sorry.”

Flabbergasted, Mr Hunter asked, “You mean in this big city y’all don’t take cash?”

It was the manager’s time to squirm, “Mr. Hunter you mean you have flown into Chicago with $5000 in cash?”

“Well I have a little more than that for expenses, but yes. Is that a problem?”

Of course it wasn’t a problem. We do like his livermush!


PS a: Alabama has Conecuh Sausage and Pennsylvania has Lebanon Bologna I do know those two.

PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:



Susan Kane said...

We made mincemeat with all the offal you listed. Livermush? I will check it out, but I don't think I can try that. Sorry, Jack.

Susan Kane said...

I went to check this out, found that NC is the best place to get livermush. "southern-style Livermush is a surprisingly delicious addition to a hearty breakfast or brunch. Especially popular in North Carolina, this pork-based liver pudding is similar to the sausage patty, but with a smoother texture and a slightly spicy, earthy flavor." Actually, I would like this after getting information.

Mevely317 said...

I never heard of livermush, but it sounds suspiciously like something my father loved -- scrapple. I remember him slicing and frying it, then pouring syrup atop.

That's such a cute story about the fellow who flew into Chicago with $5,000 cash. Warms my heart!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Never tried livermush. Have you ever tried haggis? I knew a specialist butcher that made haggis in Edinburgh.

God bless.

betty said...

Never heard of livermush. I'm not sure I would like it but I would have to try it once at least :)


Lisa said...

Liver mush sandwiches are a regular in my house. We love it. I often wonder why fast food places have never offered it on their menus. The high school near me sells it at ball games and they sell out ever time.
I do not think I have ever had bbq from anywhere other than NC. Our favorite spots where we live are Hillbillies BBQ and Kyle Fletchers. I know you know where both of these are located.