Monday, March 21, 2022

NO Tolerance, WE are MEAN!

 Today’s automobile:

 Hey we saw gas for $3.99 today! (Better than $4.49 2 days ago!)

 Some thoughts for today (written Sun AM):

I am seldom alone. Sherry and JJr are driving 70 miles to a church he has been following on the net, with Pastor Keith Moore. SO right now it is just me in a quiet RV. My mind wanders, I kick myself for not scheduling the concrete pour for an RV slab much sooner. I am normally NOT a procrastinator.  Now rain will further delay the concrete pour.

 I am thinking of a T-shirt I saw yesterday. I hesitate to post a picture, but I will, because some things we should face. It seems in our country we get meaner by the day.

WE still have many people who live by the golden rule. BUT some are selective. The Golden rule is NOT normal for a human. When humans are done wrong, we automatically want to get ‘even.’  By nature we respond in kind. In other words you should know when you call someone a nasty name or treat them nasty, you most likely will kindle the flame and find they will return the ‘favor’ by trying to be two times as nasty back.

If we want to ‘get along’ we must first learn diplomacy.  Actually the Golden Rule, set by our Lord, is truly that, good diplomacy.

Would you wear this T-Shirt?


 I had no problem finding an image of the one above I saw yesterday. I had to search more for this one (I knew there had to be a challenge to the above)

There are many who would not wear them, but say it and think it. This is not Christian it is senseless and not Diplomacy. It would be nice to have some true diplomats run for President of our Great Country. Someone who would put away ‘petty’ differences, name calling and pull us together.

When you allow no question or challenge to your word, what are you?

I have heard, "I didn't vote for a preacher or priest but president." I agree, but the leader should still be a Diplomat, we need some understanding and peace. He is the president of many different thoughts and cultures, and WE ALL must still  live together.

 As a former military man I cannot imagine anyone knowing Russian History (Stalin, etc), to stand by and smile at what is happening in the Ukraine. I am not mentally ready for USA boots on the ground, but I know if this continues WE will be involved!

 All of a sudden we have AMERICANS who believe conspiracy theories that the USA is somehow at fault, AMAZING!

 If you think Putin is cool, then smile, they just bombed another orphanage and more apartment buildings. Yeah I know that is just more fake news.  Russia is really the good guys (NOT)!!!


PS-a: If you really believe that our news is fake, then so is the UK, the Pope and the countries of Europe. They remember WWII up close and personal.

Okay, time to smile.....

PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:



NanaDiana said...

It is just so sad the state our world is in right now. I know there have always been wars and rumors of wars but it doesn't make it any easier to bear.

I would not wear the T-shirt. I keep my opinions pretty much to myself because I have never known anyone to change anyone else's opinion by promoting their own. lol

I would like to see a real diplomat run for president.

Susan Kane said...

So much happening in a jumbled world.

Mevely317 said...

Prayers for the world!
Oh, to your question? Of course, I'm like one of these more so than the other -- but I'm not anxious to provoke a fight in Wal-Mart! There's some folks walking around out there who'd shoot you same as to look at you.

betty said...

I wouldn't wear either tee-shirt. Both are vulgar in my opinion :) I would love to have a person who was a political leader who was honest and ethical and not corrupt. I don't see that happening any time soon.


Unknown said...

I would never wear a t-shirt like that because there are too many crazies out there and I don't have a death wish. Although I am definitely not a fan of Trump and throw him a finger anytime he's on TV. But that's in the safety of my own home. Maybe one day this country will have a president like Zelensky. He's a diplomat, a true patriot and just an all around decent man. Those are definitely words I use to describe Biden, but the right are just determined to undermine him at every turn. They just don't want him to succeed. At anything! When he fails, our country fails, but they just don't get it. Makes me so mad.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I wouldn't wear either shirt. I do believe in the golden rule and try to follow it. It is such a sad time seeing Americans so against each other. I think if we stand together we will be victorious but if we are divided we will fall. We must try to be united. We are United States of America!

Glenda said...

Absolutely NOT on those T-shirts!!! Agree with the Zelensky comment above. It's so unbelievable what our world has come to, don't have any answers to all the hate and evil.
Stay Safe, Love y'all. Glenda

Dar said...

God will square things away in His time and the USA will prevail. Hang onto Hope.
loven'hugs from our warming north....rain and snow today