Tuesday, March 8, 2022


 Memorable Vehicles from The Past:

 I am a carpenter but I can do some concrete.

Above was the first pour of what Josh called the Flat. We put it together for him to use while attending college. He did well Staying on the Chancellor's list.
I have no idea how many yards we poured over the years. But once Sherry and I poured 32 yards in one day ourselves.... 110' x 24' drive way! Of course it about killed us. LOL

For today:

A man and his son (Concrete First) will do the slab and driveway.  I talked with the son, got a price. Date is not set. We are hoping to have it done while we are away on a two week RV trip. We need to stay off it at least 5-7 days after it is poured. We are getting 9 yards of concrete.

It really hurts my feelings when I hire something done that I could do myself. Looking at life causes lots of contradictions. Thinking back to my 40s, I looked at 70-80 year old men and thought they are past manual labor, after all he was OLD!

Now I think different. There are some who think I might ‘hurt’ myself pulling and dragging concrete. They think of heart attacks, strokes, etc. ME? I don’t think so. I still think I can put in an 8 hour day.

I am writing this in our motor home. Looking out the window I see our trailer. WE bought it so we would have a place to live when we were not RVng here in Florida. Reasonable campsites are hard to find. I never thought I would see a camp site cost what a motel does. When we started RVng camp sites were $8-$15 a night.  Now they are approaching $100.

Okay I said that to say, the trailer now is occupied by our son. He sold his home in New Port Richey, FL and is bedding down here until his next move. He is now 60 years old. At one time he was the best employee I had. We worked together like hand and glove. On one occasion he said to me, “Dad you are the smartest man in the world!”

NOW? If things were about the same he and I would be pouring this slab. I did the cost of equipment rental, day labor and materials and was giving some thought to awarding the job to him. BUT things are different now. I am no longer smart. He knows more than I do concerning construction, life, family and politics. As my dad would say, ‘We can no longer Gee-Haw.’

He would take this entry wrong, I hope you don’t. I love him to death, probably enabled him too much. I am doing better now; I did let off too much steam once or twice lately, but I am doing better (Sherry says).

Mark doesn’t read Shipslog, he hasn’t read any of my books. He watches TV, old movies etc. the TV stays on 24/7 awake or not. ;-). 

    Jack Jr, me and Mark our two sons (they outgrew me!)

So we will pay someone else to do the job, I will hurt inside watching a man and his son do the job, remembering when Mark and I were a team.


PS: From the papers of kids in a Christian School:




Victor S E Moubarak said...

It is so good when families work together and stay in contact. Laying concrete can be hard work. I remember doing a drive for a neighbour using a small electrically operated cement mixer.

The whole destiny of humanity would have been different if God had told Adam and Eve not to eat broccoli.

God bless.

yaya said...

I could use your expertise this summer as we want to pour just a little old sidewalk! I'm betting it will not be a slam dunk in the easy isle! I would also love my driveway cemented but that's a little bit of a budget buster these days plus trying to get good help as you mentioned in a previous post is a bummer many times. We can use Amish here but they're hard to pin down too without phones and they also have lots of irons in the fire with farming and construction jobs. I hope your slab goes well and your trip goes good too! I thought of you and Sherry today when I saw my neighbor pull out of his driveway with his big camper pulled behind. On an adventure I'm sure!

Susan Kane said...

You and your boys are so special. Staying together, working on projects? That is what families are.
As far as frustration about not doing the stuff you used to do, you are simply part of the marching with all the other men who are looking at all our era did. I am not happy about that at all.

Mevely317 said...

Because I thought Tom could relate, I read this to him. Yep. I think his comment was along the line, "Jack's feelings are contagious."
As far as the other 'stuff' goes, our TV pretty much stays on 24/7 as well. Once he acknowledged it keeps his mind from going places it shouldn't.

Love this picture of you and your 'boys.' Happy expressions, good times.

PS - Hope your little 2-week excursion might maybe possibly take y'all through Alabama?

betty said...

I bet the father and son doing this job are grateful for having it to meet their and their family's expenses. But I would imagine it is hard for you, Jack, wishing Mark and you were doing this together. The good news is that you found someone to pour the concrete! Now let's hope it will be sooner than later!


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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's hard when we have to admit we need help. After so many years doing the job yourself, it would even be harder, I think. But you did the right thing giving this dad and son the job. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy your trip. It's nice when you have both the comforts of home and the home away from home. Nice too you can share it with your son. Take good care and enjoy your trip!

Glenda said...

As you know, I've no children ~ except my Mama's and I adopted their younguns. But [there is always a but] some reply when I send marvelous gifts at the Holidays and some don't. Que sirah-whatever will be will be!