Saturday, December 20, 2008

just more griping!

This is out '55 Ford, yeah I know, Trailer Trash, That is ours in the background! But look at my snow shovel on the Hood!

Stainless Steel 1936 Ford, WOW! Back when Cars were art!
We Americans do have short memories. A note on AOL says gas guzzlers are making a comeback now that gas is cheap (?). Amazing. I can’t imagine folks that have the money to buy large ticket items on a whim. Such as a new vehicle even the new hybrids. Oh well. I am glad that President Bush and congress are tying the Auto Companies loans to concessions of both management and unions. And yes folks, there are many GOOD workers who will move to Detroit and buy all those cheap houses. And they will even take a job that only pays $30 an hour. There was a hint the other day by an auto worker that not many people could handle a job on the line. That is laughable when other workers labor under worse conditions daily. Get real. Ask the guy picking oranges at $5 an hour on a rickedy wooden ladder from dawn to dark. Or the ones bending all day to pick strawberries. I would ask the hard working union guy to replace a doffer in the cotton mill for a day or keep up with a Framing carpenter as they raise an entire house framed house in three days. Sit int he sun and wield all day. These laborers don't want to hear the whining.

Of course building cars is tough work, I don’t doubt it one bit. All I am saying here is don’t cry and say that the job is so hard no one else could do it, they CAN and they WILL.

Now, since I am in a bitching mood. When we travel I try to find that unique restaurant in the towns we visit. I like to find the café like White’s back home, or the Mt. Dora Diner in Mt. Dora, Fl. I loved the Suwannee River Diner in White Springs. Trying local cuisine is also risky. Once we stopped in a town called Adrian, Texas. Peggy’s Café, I wanted real Texas Chili. It was Hormel’s out of a can I know AND Colette was never adventurous where food was concerned, so she had a corn dog for lunch. HONEST, I MEAN HONEST the corn dog was so hard it was like concrete. I have no idea how they got it that hard. It was warm, so it was not frozen. Sonny tried to cut it with his knife, he laughed at me when I tried. It was impossible. SOOOOOO..
Yesterday we hit a local Pizza Place here in Wildwood. We already tried ‘Hungry Howie’s’. Sherry and Evelyn dubbed it Dirty Howies.

Well this one was a little cleaner, but it seemed a family and many friends kept going in and out the kitchen. One BIG kid kept going in and leaning over the food prep area. His mama who had big tattoos on her tits (can I say that?) kept going in and out also.

The Pizza veggie pizza was wet (?)(SO DAMP THE CRUST WAS SOGGY ON BOTTOM) . Anyway we chalked another mistake off to Jack. It is back to Pizza Hut.
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Raising teenagers is like nailing jelly to a tree.

Wrinkles don't hurt.

Families are like fudge..mostly sweet, with a few nuts.


shirl72 said...

After you have said a word, don't ask if it is OK. I remember that is what our sister called boobs. I need to look it up in the dictionary to see if it is a word. I am sure the low paying workers would take the job and move in a minute. The hard workers needs a break. Lets give them the jobs. You should have left the



Woody said...

I have to agree, tell me who wouldn,t go in and take a $30 an hour job, as for me, I know I can not pick oranges, apples, strawberrries,etc. from sun-up to sundown.
Hungry Howie's in Lake Okeechobee is not a place to stop over, there not all that clean there either!!

Take care;

Randy said...

Hello Mr. Jack,

I tell you there are very very very few $30.00 an hour jobs around here. Well sounds like you have not had a very good day. Should have been with me.

God Bless


Paula said...

Where is Adrian, Texas? As much as our town is growing there are not many good places to eat. Lots of fast food though.

betty said...

if anyone is going to earn $30 an hour, I think it should be a teacher; they certainly have a tough job

wishing you and Sherry a good Sunday


jun said...

Jack used to be that was the best part of traveling, exploring and experiencing the food.
maybe the high prices are causing places to cut corners by "fudging" on quality.
I thought most of the work of assembling cars was done by machinery and robotic arms. They pay 30 dollars and hour to standby and push a button?
Oh well I would not move to dirty detroit for even 30 dollars an hour.
just think, we ordinary folks are down south make 8 dollars an hour but we get to see real trees and even an occasional deer , or squirrel or possum! yep I wouldnt trade that for crowded , smoke filled streets and air.

Jean said...

Hi Jack we live in a textile mill town and I worked in the mill as a weaver would have love to made $30.00 an hour when I first started working there I have worked for less then that for a days work. Take care, jean

Lucy said...

Joe would have given anything to have made 20.00 an hour. But he was just glad to have a job. I AM SO GLAD WRINKLES DON'T HURT OR I WOULD BE IN A WORLD OF PAIN. LOL Lucy

Terri said...

I can't imagine making $30 an about feeling rich!

I am content making what I make...of course more would be nice...but it pays the bills...