Sunday, May 3, 2009

A 1955 Chevrolet IN CHURCH!

Speaking of OLD cars, this one is in Bennington, VT, the home of Hemmings Motor news, the Antique car buff's friend. They still have a 'service station' that fills you up, checks the oil and cleans the windows. Amazing huh?
This is Sherry on a Rock ledge in Virginia

This is my steady, recooperating from 'heel' problems in Virginia. This was a GREAT campsite to recooperate, beautiful mountain stream. Here we also had the motor home.
Sunday at a new church.

Sunday and we attended a new church today. But the pastor was not new to us, We have known him for years. He was once a member of our church when I thought I was a preacher. He is now Dr. Ken Hensley. He was called out of retirement to Shepherd this new flock. Ah, there was Betty. I have known her since 1942, what a surprise to see D.J. Brooks oldest daughter. Such memories. Of course she asked about Shirl.

As I was speaking to the pastor after church a lady passed by, “I remember you!” She said, “I was in your art classes when I was a little girl!” (That one I did not believe, because she looked older than I. (maybe, LOL))!
Of course I recognized ‘Dude’ Carswell, he sang bass in the church quartet. He has sung bass in a few Gospel Quartets. Folks kept coming up and saying they knew my family, my sister Kat was married to a minister, and he had been a pastor to some of these folk. My Dad also was a minister and had pastored fifteen miles down the road at Valdese. He had also been at Shelby, where DJ’s family was from.
Priscilla Hensley asked how was Jack Jr. doing, it had been along time sience seeing him.

Lastly Frank Effler was there. Frank is a brother to a niece-in-law. He is a great guy and retired Military, so we still have that in common.

Is this church unique or what? Sherry says you have got to see in the Childrens’s church area. So the pastor took me back. WOW! There was a 1955 red and white Chevrolet Bel-aire completely restored, right beside a ’58 restored Plymouth. In front of those was a 1932 Ford Road Rod. In Church? Yep. The church is being leased, it is at a giveaway price so the man that owns the building can continue his hobby of restoring cars and the kids can see the progress each week and learn also. I love that.

It is rainy here in the mountains, but I am happy. What a unique day. I would have never thought we would meet so many folks we were acquainted with, and we have never lived here before.

Thanks for coming this way…….
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Lucy said...

I was just going to comment on how much Sherry was a trooper. I have been fighting this machu=ine all day. Take care of Sherry.

Anonymous said...

Great post! What a great thing for the owner of the church to do! That photo of Sherry on the rock ledge is really good.

Terri said...

Sherry is braver than I on that rock ledge..Wow! Great pics...

Glad you got to see several people you knew/or that knew you at Church...

It's been raining off and on here all week...blah! Sure makes for some good nap time though :)

Have a great week


Helen said...

You would never catch me on that mountain where Sherry was LOL. Glad that you two had a good day. Bet those kids love to be where those cars are. We had a stormy day here today with tornado warnings sounding off every few minutes. We were safe though. Helen

shirl72 said...

I can't believe you saw JD oldest daughter she
always remembers me. Glad you saw Ken he and
his wife Prisilla are wonderful people. We had a really bad storm. On the way to the Birthday
party we saw two trees down. They were down in Charlotte and on cars. Maybe rain all week.