Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shirl's thrill

Sherry came over to stop my work to show me this clicking bug. Has no legs, just snaps between the body and head. What is it? Shirl wants to fix it so she can wear it as a pin, it is so cute.
Don't take much to thrill a girl, a cute bug and a TOMATO,

Even better TWO TOMATOES! Is She and Lucy wierd? or what?. Lucy getsw a bloom and Shirl being farther south gets little tomatoes. You would have thought we were going to slice it and make a tomato sancwich. hahahahahahahah!
Joking aside it is great to see things growning in the spring.
Now I will make my entry above. You can comment on Shirl's blog, she doesn't do pictures yet!
Just a joke girls, quit throwing things Shirl.


Terri said...

Sherry is too cute...

Yay for maters...yum!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I giggled with delight when my cilantro started to sprout!