Saturday, May 23, 2009

Expecting another baby soon!

This is the picture on the cover of 'Toby's Tales.'
This would have been on the cover, but I lost it. I just found it in 'My Pictures'. So that is how it goes. I think the desert scene will do okay. The book's cover is basically Red, I like it.
About the Baby!

From the time I started telling stories I have wanted to do a book of short stories for children. I have told stories to children and adults for so long I have a problem separating them. Tonight I finished my first short story book. I think there may be one new story. The rest are stories I have told the grand children and some audiences over the years. I don’t know whether they are for kids or grownups.
I owe a lot to the internet family; I get ideas from everywhere, and many situations. There are two of my favorite Bible stories included. One is a very obscure story, well, obscure when you consider David and Goliath and Noah etc.
For years I have looked for a vehicle to tell stories. I toyed with many ideas. ‘Tales from the Skiff’(a talking boat), ‘Wanna Swing?’ (a talking swing), “What the Preacher’s Kid said!”, I even used the title once ‘The Kid in YOU’ for some stories. etc. TRUE STORY... I was toying with the ‘Kid in YOU’ as I was sitting on a street in Atlanta writing a story, waiting on Sherry who was attending a seminar. As I wrote, unaware there was a crowd gathering, looking up at the building across the street. A man was ten stories up threatening to jump. No one yelled ‘JUMP’ as I have heard. Most folks I heard said, I hope he doesn’t jump. I sat, stopped writing and started drawing; I drew his picture as he sat on the ledge. The police talked him in, thank goodness. (Later I did come up with a logo for the 'Kid in You’, but it did not work).
But we all have met a very nice unassuming, gentle lady on the net that talks to cows. She has a favorite cow she calls ‘Shellie Marie’. She calls herself a wanna be Cowgirl. She also writes poetry; serious to silly! Paula of paulinescountrytales at .
She once mentioned a turtle she called Toby, she fed and talked to him. The idea began to form, ‘Toby’s Tales’. So I started researching turtles. They are very interesting and live over a hundred years, some above 125.
I asked Pauline what she thought of the title, she liked it. I then leaned on her good nature for a poem to use, she graciously sent me several to pick from. Since I liked them all, I then pushed it and asked if I could us them all. She graciously said yes.

So tonight (with Paula’s help) I have finished ‘Toby’s Tales’. Seven stories and seven good poems. It is 114 pages in large print. It will be available soon, but I will advertise it in the Fall in time for Christmas presents. Amazon and Target will list it for $8.95. It is worth it for Paula’s poems alone. I am thrilled with this one. I cried when I read about little ‘Mephibbie’ again tonight. That is Mephibosheth’s nick name. You do know him? Right?
Thanks for letting me brag on our latest baby.
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I have a wonderful friend in Maine, Judy. Her mother is 90+ years old and still an avid reader. She read Sticky and Rags and said they are great! Now I must finish ‘S’gar’, I dropped it to finish 'Toby's Tales'.

I am starting to understand myself. When I built houses, I build the ones I would enjoy living in. Now I write a book, that I enjoy reading, and that moves me.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Jack! Can't wait to read your new baby!

Paula said...

At first I thought you and Sherry were expecting a new grandbaby. This ole' country girl hasn't had this much excitement in a long while. I'm honored to be a part of your newest book. I don't think you can seperate kids from adults when it comes to stories and games.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to read "Toby's Tales"...a perfect name...from a wonderful lady...and you are special well as that "partner" you is warm here today...have the "pool" halfway ready to swim the time the baseball game is over this afternoon...all will be ready for a big knowing grandson..he will be shedding his clothes on the way home...ready for a "skinny" dip LOLOL..!!! for a nine year is so or lose...he comes home with a smile...a game well played...and you and is the name of the I am rambling...right??? will hush...hugs...Ora

shirl72 said...

I panic for a minute wondering who is having
another Baby. Thank God it is a book. I love to
hear about Paula's cows and their babies.

Looking forward to reading "Toby's Tales"

You doing good Brother. Mother, Dad, Kat, Jun and Ode would be proud of their little Brother.


Terri said...

Wonderful news!

Best of luck on the book sales with Toby's Tales....I know it will do great!


Anonymous said...

I love that Paula had a part in your new book coming to fruition.

It surely makes sense to write what you'd like to read, but I have heard a few authors say they could not stand to read their own books, not because of disliking the general content, but for torturing themselves with ways it could have been better............ I say write it & then accept it as it is. ~Mary