Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We are still here awaiting Sherry's physical

This was our extravagance on South Main St. Of course the kids had a ball. It couold be opened to the outside on two sides. We actually got to swim in it once with snow on the ground outside. We kept it a constant 92 degrees(Sherry and I did toooo) (I have the pictures backwards.)
This is the same angle as below when I was building the house. A night shot with the lighted pool. It was beautiful when it wasw lit. I had my home office where it over looked the pool.

Here I am working on the scaffolding down in the cement pool. I am installing Canadian cedar. My lumber man gave me a great price on the cedar and it was perfect for the moisture, it handles it well. Sorry the pictures are backwards.
(Note: this is the only house we ever had that Shirl said she was jealous over.)

Something for our own comfort and enjoyment. The carpet has been in this Motor Home for8-9 years. We are going to have it re-carpeted. Just talked to our old carpet man and he brought some samples over. I am not a ‘blue’ person but blue carpet is installed. It matches the couch and window dressings. So we picked out a color blue and he will call later to let us know the price and when he can do it. We will only change the front living area. It has caught ALL the traffic and has had it. I changed the steps to vinyl, but that was a mistake, we will have him re-carpet them.
Hey did it turn cold at your house? It has got down right chilly here. I thought summer was here, but it left.

Martha’s ‘grandson’ Nicky came down to see the motor home. He is a smart little kid of nine. We had a good time; he helped me move the stuff from the basement back to the back of the car. (I had unloaded it to haul a bed for ‘Joshua’s flat’, as he calls it. The flat we spent last summer fixing for our college senior to live in.) Anyway Nicky helped me and then we came in and I showed him a couple ‘magic tricks’. He learned the secret of the misdirection trick of making a quarter disappear and how to change a dime into four nickels. He is going to practice and fool his mom and Martha. Good luck Nicky.
I sorta miss the grandkids when they were kids. Josh was talking about the trips we used to take when he was small. He flattered me by saying the only thing he really remembered was me telling stories at night before going to bed. We did have a lot of fun at night at the campgrounds.
Well Josh and Britney have set a date for the wedding, next June or July. They are already getting a wedding list. I am one who is against kids spending a lot of money on a wedding, which someone will be in debt for years, to pay the bills.
Our wedding cost a total of $8 (for the license) and $2.00 for gas to go to South Carolina to the Justice of the Peace. My mama got us a wedding cake and we returned to the parsonage for a cake cutting. This marriage has lasted 52+ yrs with no regrets.
I have nothing against the cost of any wedding, as long as the folks throwing it can afford the tariff. The Love is what counts, who attends is incidental. As for me, I was only looking at HER!
Thanks for coming this way,
Nite Shipslog

PS: Answers given by 2nd grade school children to the following question:

What ingredients are mothers made of?

1. God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world and one dab of mean.

2. They had to get their start from men’s bones. Then they mostly use string, I think


shirl72 said...

I look at that house everytime I go down Main
Street and wish it was mine. If it ever goes up
for sale maybe I will buy it. Mark was not to
happy when you sold the house. It would be hard for me to keep the pool up. Mark did get an inground pool outside. I have two bird pools . hee hee


Sheila Y said...

We got down into the mid 50's a couple of nights and it was windy. Monday it got up to 69 but it still felt cold with the wind blowing like it was. Hope all went well with Sherry's physical. Have a great day, Sheila

Anonymous said...

The pool house is really nice! Frost warning here in the mountains. I think I killed my cilantro! boo hoo, forgot to take it in last night.

Paula said...

Wow that is some pool. How could you give it up or maybe tired keeping it all up? I can't even keep the bird bath clean anymore. It really is pretty.

Terri said...

I too am jealous of that house, what I would give for an indoor pool!

I agree I don't see any sense in spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a wedding, but to each their own...I guess...

It was cooler up in the night earlier in the week...but now we are warming back up...