Sunday, May 17, 2009


Is this a grill, or what????? I WOULD LOVE TO tow this behind our motor home, can you imagine the attention. My nephew Ted, builds award winning cookers, he could build one for me. Hint, hint! Just joking. That is a little big for two hamburgers.

Todays great entry......

I realize I have written my entries too long. So let me say we are in North Carolina, just chomping at the bits to hit the road. Sherry had a physical on Jun 2nd. If all is well we will head North. First to see friends in Pennsylvania (they do not know we are coming yet), maybe see a play in Lancaster, then to Rondout Valley in New York over the fourth. After that we hope to eat some lobster and visit friends in Maine. I was offered a chance to take a day ‘work’ trip on a lobster boat, I don’t know whether I can handle it or not. I might try.
Then to make our final attempt to finish our dream of completing the Appalachian trail. I would be off the net for a month or so, but I know you guys would somehow survive without all my superior entries. Hahahahahahahaha!
WE are both in our early 70’s now, so if the trip is too strenuous it would be prudent to give the dream up. We have set this year as the last try. While we can still travel there are places to go and see across the country. We must go to Texas, Arizona, Utah and spend some time in Idaho. I would love to see the Yukon once again. And say hello and good bye to Alaska for the last time in our lives.
So Any suggestions as to how we can do it all? Oh, I forgot we want to see Hawaii one more time also. We never did see the BIG island.
Enough, Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog,

Why did God make Mothers? (answers from 2nd graders)

1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.

2. Mostly to clean the house.

3. To help us out of there when we were getting born.


Rose said...

It is so amazing to hear about all your travels.

I only go to Boston to visit my children and family. When I lived in Boston, I would only go to Florida and now I live here.....

I would love to go to Italy someday.......I guess I'm getting up there in years so I better try and plan on that trip sometime soon! LOL

Take Care.

Hugs, Rose

Helen said...

I hope her physical turns out ok. God bless and good luck whatever you decide to go and do. Helen

Sheila Y said...

Hope all is well with Sherry's physical. I hope you are able to realize your dream of completing the AT. I'm sure you will find a way to get to all the states you and Sherry wish to see. We will miss your entries while you are hiking, but we'll look forward to hearing about it when you get back. I need to try to get out to Texas this summer, but I dread the drive (in a car...ha). Take care, Sheila
PS. How is Sonny doing?

Sheila Y said...

Oh I forgot, you could get your nephew to make you a table top version of the grill...Sheila

shirl72 said...

Keep in touch the Park will be open when and If
you return. Rates may go up because you check
out and check in to much. I will save your place and maybe there will be a discount that
month. It is the economy---remember.


Anonymous said...

Hi you two! I bet your itching to get on the road, as am I! I've been online all day and think I've figured out a way. Have you heard of the Aliner series of tent trailers? Here's the link to the one that would suit me quite well as a first "RV". It's light enough so that my Hyundai can tow it safely and it has a few nice bells and whistles! Right now, there are half a dozen used ones for sale on the Quebec auto sites, well within my budget. I've been searching through camping websites and found a bunch of them that are pet-friendly with some hookups, very reasonably priced too. I also found a mobile satellite television and internet company that could install a mini dish in my car. It looks like it's all coming together! My decision is pretty much made! Now the exciting part of choosing where to go! Hey, maybe we can meet up in the Yukon next summer!

Oh, I'll surely miss your posts while you two are on the trail, but I'll have to find a way to survive.... Sherry I hope the physical results are very good for you. LOVE THAT GRILL. I laughed so loud seeing that!

And you thought your posts were long? How about my comment? Ha ha!

Terri said...

That grill is awesome! I bet Mom would love to have something like that as much as she BBQ's

I hope everything goes well with Sherry's physical and you two are able to get on the road again and make all your dreams come true..of course we will miss you the month you are gone..but will be awaiting your return and itching to hear all about it!

Love ya'll

Lucy said...

I must tell you I felt SPunky was insulted and my intelligence, I have a little left so I had to write another blog. Woiuld you believe every summer we have traveling grillers with grills thaT look a lot like that.. They are really great ribs and baked beans. During that time Lincoln has never smelled better. Sherry , I hope you turn out to be the healthiest person ever. Enjoy your travels.

Woody said...

Sounds like a good trip you have planned, I have been to Roundout, New York several times, It's below Albany, New York, have been there to a place called Kerhonkson, That was where the Police Conference of New York had their annual summer State Convention, was there in 74, 75, 76, 80 & 81 when I was President of our Local Police Benevolent Association!!!

If your gonna do some LOBSTAH catching, wear yer back brace, the pots weigh a ton and a half, I pulled a few pots with my Uncle when younger and visited him in Portland Maine back in the 60's!!

Happy Trails to you 2 as the song goes!!!!

Gary & Anna Mae

Paula said...

I would miss your entries but I applaude you and Sherry if you still feel like doing all that traveling. We call those barbeque grills. That one is cute.

Jean said...

Hi Jack and Sherry, will miss you while you are gone, but will look forward to reading about it when you get back. Hope Sherry gets a good report on her physical. I want a grill like that one! lol. Have a great day, jean