Sunday, December 26, 2010

After Christmas memories


WE had a great time, with two big get together’s.  One at Niece Vickie’s on Christmas Eve. Where more of Sherry’s side of the family comes. We had a great time seeing some of the folks we do not get to see often.

Vickies CHRISTMAS 013

(Our host Vickie!)

Vickies CHRISTMAS 039

Lucky me and two beautiful women, Megan and her mother Donna (They look more like sisters.) Meg is Steve (Vick’s brother) and Donna’s daughter and has became a beautiful young lady. she also has a pretty sister, Jessica, who did not make the party, we missed her.

Vickies CHRISTMAS 031

Vickie & my Girl, SHERRY!

Vickies CHRISTMAS 028

Steve, Mark and the lucky guy.

Vickies CHRISTMAS 037

This is the last remaining family on Sherry’s side, Johnny (from Detroit), Sherry and Vernon Gomez, the eldest.

Then Sherry put a big meal together here at Mark’s house and we had a wonderful family time.


Sherry’s big meal!


(Sherry & Son Jack)


The favorite Grand Daughter and Luke Vegas, the youngest.


Matt Dillon and dad Mark, Our latest family addition Derrick.



MJ & cousins Layla & Hendricks. Luke and MJ the flying dog.


All in all, it is a beautiful time of seeing the family.  Today of course is beautiful, Snow covers the area, a couple of inches, enough to make it a winter wonderland before we leave for Florida. From our picture window now!


Thanks for  coming this way.

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Just in case you don’t know, New Year’s Day is on it’s way!


Anonymous said...

Blog owner said:
We forgot to take pictures after the twins came. We did have Joshua & Stephen come in a little later.

One picture I did not label was MJ and her two toys, a dog statuette and a dead skunk, at least it is dead now, and as The blue ridge boomers dogs said, the squeaker is not gone and now it can be fun!!!!
Jack said

Rose said...

Wow, what a pleasant day you and Sherry had. That is wonderful.......snow and all.

Don't forget.....when you come to Florida....let's try to have lunch together or something!

Careful on the roads.......My daughter called me and Massachusetts is suppose to get close to 20 inches of snow..........Yikes and I'm missing it all.

Hugs, Rose

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Enjoy your snow...We have some and getting more. Although I think by the end of this coming week we're going above freezing for the first time in over a month now. Just in time for the January Thaw.

shirl72 said...

Good to see everyone having a good time including MJ. Ready to settle down and rest. Good we got all the activity over before the snow. Sherry's family has 3 left and we
have 2. I am oldest in our family and Vernon is oldest in Sherrys. Hard to believe we have
arrived. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


~mel said...

Look at all that snow and all that family and all that food! Sherry~ that hugs and kisses shirt is cute on you :)) I bet you get a lot of hugs and kisses over the holidays. We're coming up fast now on a whole new year ~ I can't wait! I'm ready for it and all it has to offer.

Fred Alton said...

Beautiful photos of you all with your families! It's so much fun to get together - especially at this time of year. And we were so blessed (like you) to have such a nice Christmas Snow that covered everything. Do be careful as you head out for Florida. We're heading north tomorrow - to Gatlinburg (weather permitting) to spend a few days with two of Frances brothers and their spouses.

Lucy said...

Looks like you had good food and a good time with Family and M.J We had a nice Christmas Eve. All the kids got an extra tight hug and my daughter saID WITH TEARS IN HER EYES "mOM TEARS WILL FREEZE ON YOUR FACE." That new baby was the best.

Paula said...

The picture of the pool is so pretty. Looks like a Christmas card. Sherry looks beautiful and don't pout Jack you look cute too

Helen said...

Great family pictures. Looks like you all had a good time. Sherry cooked up a big meal bet she was to tired to eat.
I believe most folks got a little snow. We got some also. Not as much as you but enough for us to enjoy. The sun has come out some and some is melting but how can anything melt when it is under the freezing point. Going to be cold tonight. Helen

Woody said...

Looks like you had an enjoyable Christmas.

From our house to yours, God Bless!

Gary & Anna Mae

Anonymous said...

Christmas as it should be. Please have you all a good new week.

Dar said...

What a Great Family Christmas. It looks like you all had a great time, even the pups. The snow by the blue pool looks so gorgeous. If you want more of the white stuff, just head north instead of south. You two sure are cute kids. Love and Hugs from Up North WI.
BlessYourHearts and Travels

Bookncoffee said...

Looks like a good time! And that spread! Way to go Sherry! Love the snow pics. Did you do a "Polar Bear" and go for a snowy dip in the pool? Oh wait - I think that is reserved for January 1. lol

Parsley said...

What a sweet post full of family memories. Especially love the dog having some fun!

Glenda said...

All of the family looks so happy, and the view
from the "picture window" is lovely! Jack, you drive safely and protect that lovely lady who put together the Christmas feast---she deserves a relaxing ride!!!