Thursday, December 16, 2010

“Everythang is Gonna BE all RIGHT”

Do you ever decide: it is in God’s hands, and not worry? Now I can do that for 15 minutes. Sometimes I can actually go a half day, but then Jack sets to figure out how I might help God. Since I know HE is busy, and may not have time to work on this specific problem right now.


Remember the Serenity Prayer? I have said it many times, that is probably the perfect prayer and attitude. I know it, BUT………….


Now I have to ask myself at times, what have you worried about and lost sleep over that did not work out? Nothing! So why do I still do it? Well I am gonna stop it! Worry has never done one lick of good. I don’t call it worrying, I am trying to find a way to fix something. After all I can fix about anything. Hahaha!

If people were like the old radios and TV’s when they did not work right, you give them a good smack and they straightened up. Sometimes I think that might work on folks. Hahahahaha

I just read a journal where a nephew went to see his old uncle. The uncle is 101 yrs old and still drives and lives by himself. Ken ask the question, “Uncle M. what is the secret, you have always seemed like a happy man?”

“Ken, I decided a long time ago that God is in control, and if he can’t work it out, ain’t no use in me trying. He don’t want me worrying about something I can’t fix.”

Ken said uncle M. closed his eyes took a deep breath and sorta shook himself, opened his eyes and said, “Everythang is gonna be all right!”


That had been the man’s mantra during his life; everything is going to be all right.

I have known folks who said they didn’t worry, but I could tell by their actions and things they said, that they actually did. I guess my mama came the closest to that of anyone and my brother Jr. seemed to not worry.

Now I’m gonna try, why don’t you try too? I guess really God doesn’t need my help, he seldom asks my advice. LOL

In Gods Hands sml

So I can’t change the weather or change someone’s minds, but God can, iffen he wants to. So say with me to help me, ‘EVERYTHANG IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT’.


Thanks for coming this way!

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An actual note to God from a child:



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Every thing is going to be all right! It will!

Ally Lifewithally said...

I always mean to tell you how much I like your Header picture the Ship going through the Iced archway ~
I loved the little childs note to God ~ Ally x

Helen said...

That is what I do. Turn it over to God then still catch yourself worrying at intervals. Have to get my mind on something else. Cute Note to God. Helen

betty said...

I have learned to say "I trust you Lord" and really mean it when I say it and know he has everything in contrl and remember what he has done before for me and how great he is. It is easier dealing with some things with this attitude but it took a long time to get there and its a work in progress.

great picture in the boat!


~mel said...

I still go through those frustrating days of worry and then too ... it'll hit me like a ton of bricks ~ why? Why?? Why do I beat myself up over those things I have no control over. Turn it over to the Lord! He's not going to let you endure something that you and HE aren't strong enough to handle. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!


Paula said...

Okay I'm going to try to do it your way.

Anonymous said...


Sheila Y said...

Yes, easy to say but hard to do...but like you I keep trying. I've gotten a little behind with the blogs lately, I've been trying to read but before long my head starts bobbing. Loved your list of things you love, especially the one about Sherry. Take care and stay warm...Sheila

Y said...

Thanks for the reminder about who is rally the pilot, and The Pilot doesn't need me to be a navigator...

Fred Alton said...

Yes, Jack. EVERYTHANG IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT! Just as soon as you get back to Florida and out there on the lake catching fish, you will know it. ☻

Cher' Shots said...

GREAT post Jack! The easy part is taking your concern to the Lord, the hard part is letting it there and not trying to take it back. 'love an hugs from afar'

Dar said...

Everything IS going to be Alright! God gives us bumps on the road to remind us to Turn To Him. I'm relating as I write. Hang in there my friend. We don't always get the answers the way we want, but They Will Come at God's Choosing. You have Great Faith and you Will be alright. Loveya from this Cold country.