Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cash or Card? Your business!

I have been thinking more about finances while I have been working out in the woods. On a previous entry, I didn’t mean to come across like I had all the answers to Christmas and presents. I want to think that ‘my ideas’ are the good, and then I realize that everyone thinks ‘their ideas’ are the best (or they would not have them), Because no one sets out to self destruct, unless they are mentally missing something.


(Above is a tree decorated with Christmons. Shirl sewed everyone of them. I believe they are on display this year at the Historical House in Belmont, That is Jim with Shirl we lost Jim a few years back, sure miss him!)

There are people who are comfortable with credit. They have always had it and expect to continue to use it until they die. If they can live like that and be happy, what business is it of mine? NONE!


I have always thought that everyone should own their home, but I have learned in the years that I have built and sold houses, that not everyone CAN own a home. Many folk must have someone to repair their dwelling and when they decide to buy, they do not realize that now they are responsible to fix the leaky spigot or replace the rusty gutter, or heaven forbid, the roof leaks because the shingles are 25 years old. If the owner hasn’t been able to put the money back for repairs, they end up owing a BIG bill for roofing. That alone can be a back breaker.


We have always tried to practice debt-free living before we ever heard the ‘catch phrase’, So after fifty years of accumulating bills, you can’t all of a sudden decide to live debt free, I tend to forget that. So just because we do not buy everyone Christmas presents, doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do for other folk. Since most folks have so many ‘things’ we give the money that we would otherwise have spent on a toy, gift, etc. Presents go to our sons and their children. When we had parents, we gave to them.


Giving is great, and I know you that give are rewarded by the smiles, hugs and thanks. It is the season to give without expecting something in return. It is a time of love and renewing family ties. So of course you will enjoy Christmas in the manner you always have. We will enjoy it the way we have grown accustomed to. LET’S ENJOY THIS TIME OF THE YEAR; it is time to celebrate the Birth of Christ. So as the angels sang, we should now repeat it, “Joy to the World, the Lord has come, let earth receive the KING”.

Thanks for coming this way.

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Anonymous said...

A role model of an entry. So far use only cash, and if ever own a credit card, I surely would use it to the limit, buying books ;)
Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

Paula said...

I agree about the credit subject. On the other hand one of my sons-in-law was brought up whipping out that credit card at the drop of a hat. I have one card and pay it off evry month as it is handy not to have to always carry cash.

shirl72 said...

The Chrismons are on display at the Historic
House. I handmade 165 and they are about 15 years old. I store them in acid free paper and
they stay white.

I have one credit card and pay it off at the
end of the month.

We set a limit for presents and buy a gag gift no
one needs anything. They have it all.

betty said...

You are right, Jack; we have the best gift in Jesus. Nothing can compare to him, yet we keep "searching" for the right one every year to give to our loved ones. Our best Christmas was a few years back when we concentrated on giving to others in need rather than to ourselves. We have so much more and have no "needs" compared to so many others; it was truly a joy to give rather than receive. In the process now of de-cluttering husband's parents home, like I think I said before here, we have decided to give permission to son not to give us a gift just because he feels he has to when we have more than enough and give something to someone in need in our name if he chooses to.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Christmas JOY to you too! I just wrote about JOY today in my post. Everyone seems to have their own way of celebrating for sure. I like to think that debt free is a better way. There is still some snow on the ground here this morning, but it is raining of all things...Big snow is supposed to be coming our way though. We'll see...

Rose said...

I don't like carrying cash so I do use my credit card but pay it off in full at the end of every month. I refuse to pay interest to someone. I learned that lesson years ago when I was young!

Did you see Bucko's entry about Credit Cards???? Yikes


Debbie said...

Seeing the picture of Shirl and her husband beside the tree they decorated brings tears to my eyes. Shirl so lovingly shared some of her Christmon's with Terri & I a couple of years ago and we both cherish them. I don't put up a tree anymore so mine aren't displayed they are a wonderful keepsake for me, Terri does put up a tree and adds Shirl's beautiful decorations. It warms my heart that a friend who has never met us in person sent us such a precious gift.

We've never had a credit card and don't want one but sometimes life's circumstances can throw a hard blow making it hard to get back on your feet. One of ours was 9 years ago yesterday when we lost our jobs at the furniture factory when it closed down.Noone knows how their life is going to unfold from one day to the next, I consider ourselves blessed we've made it so far. We had to give up giving Christmas gifts to Dad & our kids but try our best to give our grandkids a little something though it isn't much.I try to fix a nice meal and the last couple of years some of the food has been provided by generous family and friends. Last week a friend gave Gary a country ham that was given to them by a business they deal with, they don't eat country ham so they gave it to us. I'm very thankful.

Merry Christmas to you, Sherry & your family. Thanks so much for the Christmas card, we received it yesterday.

Love ya'll

Fred Alton said...

Great post, Jack! This is my second one to read from you today. It's getting harder for me to stay up with these blogs as we get busier closer to Christmas. I do hope your Christmas is merry and bright. It's 20 outside today - with icy spots on our roads. Schools have been closed. Tellico Plains has 3 inches of snow according to Pastor Fritts! Lenoir City has 2 inches, according to Frances' brother.