Monday, December 27, 2010

Tomorrow, On the Road again!!!!


(except the trees won’t be green)

Wrapping things up, getting ready to do what we love most, and hitting the road. I have mentioned Sonny, my buddy, over the years. I used to tell Sonny, Steve and Vickie will make it without you, just like Mark and Jackie will make it without me. Of course Sonny was a ‘real’ family man. He liked to hold his family close. He wanted to know when they made it home safe. He wanted them to have enough money to pay the bills. He wanted them to own their own home. He kept an extra car so if the kids broke down they would always have one to drive.


So now, his kids are making it without him. And now I have to practice what I have preached, Mark and Jack will make it without me. I have said many times, I like to ‘FIX’ things. That goes with personal problems also; therefore I have to be careful that I don’t stick my nose in where it is not supposed to be. So, Tuesday morning this coach heads south (If it will start in the 23 degree weather). If you are familiar with diesels, you know they don’t like to start in cold weather. We don’t plan to go too far the first day, just down around Savannah, so we don’t have to leave out ‘real early’.

The weather in Florida hasn’t been great so far this year, I hope all the ‘cold snaps’ are through, and we can enjoy the warm sunshine and catch some fresh fish. When moving day comes close, I get anxious, I am ready. I used to be like that about Christmas, weren’t you?

WE went to say good bye to the ‘old folk’ at Hardees this morning. Sherry always wants to go see her older brother Vernon. She had a bonus this morning she got to see her little brother Johnny there also. It has been 5 or 6 years since he was down from Detroit.

Sherry’s little town has grown, at one time she knew a lot of folks here, now the ones she knows is dwindling. I met a lot of folks in the few years I was in business here. To be honest I remember more (in city government) that I was not thrilled with, than I liked. BUT then I am for ‘property owners rights’, most folks are not for that anymore. Oh, they are, as long as the property owner wants to do what ‘THEY’ think is right. Hahaha

That means time to quit, thanks for coming by the log.

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Anonymous said...

A safe road ahead for you all.

shirl72 said...

We have enjoyed your long visit and just think
you got to see the snow. Have a safe trip and
keep the e-mails coming. It is odd but we all
seem to make it some better than others but
we get there. We don't need stress remember our age and take it easy.


Woody said...

Fair Winds an Following Seas, Drop the Main Sail, Haul Anchor and heading set for due South, have a safe trip, if things progress as well as they are possibly we will be on the road by mid january for Okeechobee!!

sending love, happiness and joy your way,

Gary & Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope you find some much warmer weather. Anything below 70 is too cold in my books. That's what the thermostat is set for here inside my house and where I stay most of the time all winter. Take care and hope that you have a safe trip.

Paula said...

Have fun and a safe trip.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

57* was the high in Key Largo today....!!
Safe trip my friends.....say "hello" to Lake Okee for me...


Helen said...

It is 19º here this morning. Sounds like a cold day to get started. Another blogger left last week for FL. Everywhere she goes it is cold down there. I bet not quite as cold as here though.
Have a safe and happy trip. May the sun shine brightly while you two are there. Helen

~mel said...

We're having a heatwave ~ a tropical heatwave ~ I looked at the thermometer this morning and it said 21 degrees ABOVE 0 ~~ yes, it's a tropical heatwave. So feel free to turn that buggy of yours north and come enjoy our tropical heatwave. Does it have a headbolt heater in it?? Sara and Don's truck is a diesel and they plug it in at night so it starts up easier in the mornings.
SAFE TRAVELS!! and I hope you have good internet connections all the way so you can keep us up to date. Love ya! ~mel

Melanie said...

Be safe !