Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I like a few things!!!!!

It is a fact that I like/LOVE more things than I wonder about and there are some things I know. For a list of things I know and like, let’s see…….

1. I like warm weather.

2. I love the sea.


3. I enjoy seeing a kite flying. Just an old fashioned two or three stick kite.

4. I love to travel and see what is over the hill or around the bend.


5. I cannot remember a place we have visited that I did not like.

6. I love my family; I miss parts of ‘our’ family that is gone.

7. Watching a mountain stream no matter how small thrills me.

Fred & Frances 008

8. Remembering special friends actually brings a smile or a tear of gratitude for having known them.

Copy of New Folder (2) 080

9. I loved my childhood, and cherish friends I made along the way.

scanoldpic7 007 - Copy

10. I love this motor home we live in. It is cozy and all we need to live.


11. Eating out is a lot of enjoyment, but eating at home is too.

12. Truthfully I like this computer much better than TV.

13. I am fortunate and like the fact that I can fix about anything when it goes haywire.

14. I love animals, but do not want to own one, in our present lifestyle.

15. I prefer carpeted floors to hardwood or tile.

16. Showers are my choice for a bath.

17. Outdoor activities that I like, fishing the most I believe.

18. Yard sales, our entertainment most Saturday mornings.

19. Books, I love a book by my special authors.

20. Oak furniture and cabinets are my preference.

21. I like a microwave for reheating, but love an oven for baking, it smells so much better.

22. I love nautical stuff and like to dream of sailing around the world.


23. I enjoy singing, even if I cannot tell what key I am in anymore.

24. I love it when the whole family is running smooth, marriages are good, everyone has jobs, no one is fussing and we are all happy. Those times are few and far between anymore, but I look forward to that. It will be great when I know the second shoe has fallen for the last time. (Know what I mean?)

25. You know I love old cars, three favorites: 1934 Ford coupe, 1953 MG Hill climber and the beautiful 1955 Chevrolet bel-aire tudoor hardtop.


26. And last, if you have been around me or read my journal or the Shipslog, you know I love Sherry above all else. She is my prize. Just as beautiful and loving as when I met her in 1954.

Scanoldphoto3 037 - Copy

I can list more, I am surprised. I didn’t mention hiking, camping, flying or swimming.

Thanks for coming this way, what do you like?

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An actual note to God from a child:



BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hey guys.....you want to come up and fly a kite...!!?? Wind gust up to 60 mph...not much snow...it all blew away..!!


Cher' Shots said...

I love my new blog friends Jack and Sherry! You always have the best postings. 'hugs from afar'

Fred Alton said...

Jack, I like many of the same things you like. I have seen that mountain stream somewhere! Like the out-of-doors; like the cabin and all things associated with it; i.e., hiking, hunting, camp-fires, fishing, water-melons, cook-outs, making things work that others have given up on, riding my mule, love ham radio, golfing, scuba diving, the internet; and love my Frances! ☺ I also love the sea, but not as much as you do. I want to get back to land after about three weeks if it is possible...but then some of that may depend on the size of the boat and what's for dinner!!! Great post Jack!

Rose said...

I loved this post! The last picture of you and Sherry made me cry with joy! Everyone has to envy your wonderful marriage and love for each other.

You guys are are my prize!

Hugs, Rose

betty said...

This is a great list to print out and keep handy and close by because each of your likes is also a blessing of some kind, especially your last like (love) with Sherry!

It was fun to read all of your likes, I bet if you were to compare lists with Sherry, she would have a lot of the same likes too!


Paula said...

I like to read your blog and I like Mondays and I like New Years Day. Heck I just like being alive and I'm thankful to God for each day I have.

Anonymous said...

This just put me in a very good mood.
Thank you. ~Mary

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too loved your post. From the sounds of things I'd say you do live the good life. Things couldn't be better with all those thing you love and the great thing is you have your Sherry too. That is a blessing.

shirl72 said...

I love the picture and remember when it was
taken. We were all together at Charistmas.
I love you and Sherry. See you when I get
back take care.


~mel said...

I like a few things too ~ AND you and Sherry are two of them! Great post my friend.