Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Old Roads


Driving down 301 yesterday, I thought of this entry…


This past summer we had a chance to see more of Route 66, known as America’s Highway for many years. Yesterday we came down US 301 in central Florida the road most folks took if they were going to do some fresh water Bass fishing in the lakes around Leesburg. Time has past these highways by. In my younger years I watched Route 66. From Wikipedia:

Route 66 is an American TV series in which two young men traveled across America. The show ran weekly on CBS from 1960 to 1964. It starred Martin Milner as Tod Stiles and, for two and a half seasons, George Maharis as Buz Murdock. Maharis was ill for much of the third season, during which time Tod was shown traveling on his own. Tod met Lincoln Case, played by Glenn Corbett, late in the third season, and traveled with him until the end of the fourth and final season.

The series is best remembered for its Corvette convertible and its instrumental theme song (composed and performed by Nelson Riddle), which became a major pop hit.

Sixty-six is now mostly memory lane for older folk and a dried-up rough road for the younger generation who take the parallel interstates to avoid it.


(I believe this is South of the Border, but it gives the idea)

Route 301 here in Florida has all the old tourist traps and motels along it, most are closed and boarded up. Life passes us by. We either adapt or die.


For older folk it is hard to adapt. Memories are too real, too strong, so for us on 66, it was a thrill. One the kids would not understand. On old US301, they laugh at the gaudy yellow and orange tourist traps, as a kid I could not wait to stop at one. Remember Stuckeys? I thought it was great to stop at a Stuckeys. I always got a Pecan log if I could talk Mom into it.

There is something about a first time (Like A first Kiss with my girl, I was 16, it was so good I married her the next year!!!).

our wedding 001 - Copy

Dad & Mom brought us to Florida to see the Orange trees. There is something magic about seeing Oranges on trees.


If you ever see the ocean, you will never forget the first time. And the next thrill about the ocean, is seeing Daytona Beach where cars can drive on the beach.


The next thrill of an ocean is to be on a ship with 60-70 ft. waves, I loved it. I did it once on the Indy below!


No picture ever can describe the Grand Canyon, your first time I will guarantee you will stand in awe.


What do you remember for the first time (be nice! LOL)?

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Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.


A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.


Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

I enjoyed this post. I remember most of the same things you mention here: My first trip to Florida, seeing the orange trees, Daytona. I was 6 years old.
I remember the first time traveling Route 66 to CA to visit relatives. This was shortly after I married. It was fun stopping at the tourist shops, etc. The most amazing site to me was seeing the desert for the first time, the Rockies a close second. Then, later there was the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Niagra Falls and more. We have traveled a lot and enjoyed it. Gerry

Anonymous said...

A great mean to measure time and life. Over here Oranges are still on the trees. Less than two yards away, in the garden. For the first time, well, in my young life, what to choose, maybe kiss as well, in a summer camp when I was twelve.
Please have you all a wonderful start of the new year !

Dar said...

By mistake, we ended up on Route 66 by missing a turn on our way home from TX with the folks. I remember there being alot of burger and ice cream stops, brightly advertised.
I remember seeing the Atlantic for the first time, body surfing it for the first time and fatefully almost loosing my bikini bottom...that would be a freightening 'Yikes ' today!
Seeing the Kentucky blue grass that really does look so blue. And Palisades Park. Picking out my own life lobster to have cooked in front of me was an awakening experience. Flying for the first time.
Having my kids and seeing them and touching their perfect skin for the first time., still brings tears to my eyes.
There are so many firsts...thanks Jack. I love, Love, LOVE this entry.

shirl72 said...

I remember my first piano recital. Kat and
I played a duet I was 5 years old. The piece was "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes" I had the second part all I got to play was 2 notes every other line. Then I volunteered the Church Bus to take the 2nd grade on a field trip and Dad didn't know until the Teacher said that is great Mr. Darnell. I sure I had some more exciting times as I grew older, but you said be nice.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember Stuckeys and the pecan logs too. I remember too the first time I ever drove an interstate highway. It was great traveling for miles at 70 mph. You could go for a long time too without seeing another car. Now the interstates here are always busy. It seems there is never a time that at least 2 lanes and maybe 3 or 4 are full of traffic. How times have changed. Enjoy your warm weather down there. They say we may be in the 50's New Years Day but back in the 30's Sunday.

Fred Alton said...

Cannot remember the first orange I ever saw. I suppose the one on the tree outside the window in Lacoochee. I cannot remember the first time I saw the beach but it was at Tampa, or Clearwater, or Yankeetown. I do remember the first kiss - but it was not a memorable kiss. I wondered then why all the fuss about kissing a girl. (I do remember the first time I kissed Frances! There's more to say but u sed b nice.) ☻

Cher' Shots said...

SUPER POST ~ I will never forget the first time I stood facing Mt. Mckinley - it took my breath away. I still get a lump in my throat at the thought of it. You have triggered so many 'firsts' in my memory bank that I treasure. Too many to list. But thanks!
'love and hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

You have covered a lot of bases here so all I will say is have a Happy New Year Jack and Sherry.