Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whatever happened to recapped car tires?

That was the only tires we could afford when we first started driving. I had real good luck with recaps. As far as I can remember I only had one cap come off. They recap truck tires I know, but they can only be run on the back wheels.


I also used parts from the junk yard. Back then you just went to the junk yard, found a car like yours pulled the part and went up front and paid for it. Now they call one in Charlotte the “YOU PULL IT” junk yard. I don’t do that much anymore, some of the yards charge about a new price and there never is a guarantee with the part. (I always wanted a junk yard!) Jimmy probably didn’t use junk yard parts on the race cars he worked on.


‘Poor folks have poor ways, and plenty of them,’ I have heard. But survivors know how to do just that ‘Survive’. Somebody lately talked about squirrel for supper, and I am getting a little hungry for squirrel. Mama sure made some good gravy with the fried squirrel. I might just have to go buy me a small rifle and hunt while I am out in the woods. I could make a rabbit box and trap a rabbit, now that is an idea. Maybe I will build one tomorrow and show Luke how to trap a rabbit. Looking back, I was doing that at five years old. I even have some old apples to use for bait.


I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone wring a chicken’s neck, or chop off the head. Mama wrung them, Dad chopped them. Course after the chopping that was dad’s limit, mama put them in hot water and plucked them.

That reminds me, Cousin Howard in Las Vegas, said he shot his first turkey this past Thanksgiving. He said, “the other customers who were shopping in the store got very irate.” LOL Cousin Howard ain’t right!

Hope you are having fun preparing for Christmas. I am. Just two weeks and we head for FLORIDA!!!!!!

Thanks for coming this way.

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Actual note to God:


I wouldn’t like to come back as some folk either!!!!


Rose said...

I remember my father cutting off the head of a chicken and watching it run around the yard with it's head off. To a young child it was frightening. I remember I did not eat that chicken for dinner that night.

If you head for South Florida, let me know. Perhaps we can meet somewhere for coffee.

Hugs, Rose

shirl72 said...

Those things you talked about seems unreal.
I am not surprised at Dewey living in LA will
do that to your mind. We have to be careful what
we say because of PETA and Humane Society. It
sure is a different world. I am hush, hush about what we caught in our Rabbit Box.


Paula said...

I think there are still some junk yards on the south side of san antonio where you can get second hand car parts. People used them a lot in the 50's. Went there myself with Mel.

betty said...

Really, squirrel?? That could have been interesting to take a taste of. I bet you and Sherry are getting ready to head south so very soon; hoping the cold weather doesn't chase you down there too! (it was 85 degrees here today......)


Fred Alton said...

Aw Man! You have such a way of bringing up memories. Wringing chicken's necks, chopping their heads off...was a part of growing up for me. We did it ourselves for several years while living in Africa. Chickens were given to us by villagers at the end of a visit and we had the "joy" of bringing them home in the back of our station wagon. Also the "delight" of cleaning up the inside of the station after the trip! ☻ ☻

Sheila Y said...

My Dad wrung some and chopped some. We had chickens when I was young. I have plucked and cut up. Wasn't my favorite thing either. Doesn't smell the greatest as I recall. I even had to squat down in the chicken pen for them to run chickens over me when I had chicken pox...ha. Did you get any snow last night? Looked like it was headed to Charlotte. Take care and stay warm, Sheila
PS. The girls and I will head to AL this weekend, Hubby will come later. Holler if you come near on the way to Florida.

~mel said...

Cousin Howard sounds like my friend Jack ~ the prankster!! I never was a fan of chicken butchering ~ being chased by a headless chicken when you're only knee high to a grasshopper can be pretty traumatic. Even though ... I plucked my share of them.
I don't know if I'd trust a rabbit box like the one pictured, all wood like that with no window ~ having no way to be sure that it's a rabbit in the box and not a skunk or raccoon that you're going to meet when you open up the door.

Lucy said...

mom wrung and dad chopped and mom really hated doing the wringing. I hated watching them headless and flopping.

Glenda said...

Oh my, do I remember squirrel, Mom could fry up the
best, nothing like squirrel and biscuits 'n gravy!
Showing my Missouri farm girl roots LOL
Certainly hope we have warm weather to greet you with when you head South!

Anonymous said...

What joy to read ;)

A good Tuesday for you all.

None said...

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