Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do you make notes to yourself? Do you read them?


I make notes to me and then I ignore them many times. I have the habit now, when I misprint something or the printer gives out of ink in the middle of a page, I cut the page in quarters and put them here in front of my keyboard. I had to clean up the mess before I shot the picture (HA). The first picture Sherry thought I was taking a picture of the mess!


Okay, this is what it looked like!


(The note paper is here above my keyboard, I have neatened up a little, you see my round-to-it, my OOORAH pin from Woody, and my Titanic pen from Shirl’s last trip)

I make lists too, sometimes I follow them. Thing is I need reminders and guides to follow, even though I use them just as a jumping off point. Just like my Blog.

I read a comment by Fred the other day on a blog from Wisconsin either Mel or Dar’s. Where he said as a preachers son he enjoyed going to the member’s houses on Sunday afternoon to visit. That brought back so many memories. It seems we boys invited ourselves to each other’s houses without the parents being consulted and they all took it in stride. I know I have had boys stay and eat with us that mom did not know were coming, but she always handled it.

In High Shoals, NC (Dad’s only country church) I had a ball going home with the farmers kids. In Valdese it was a pleasure to go to the Page’s house. They had a pony and a small farmette, probably 3 acres, that is a guess.

In Missouri when Sherry and I were in Kirksville we went home many times with the Conrad’s. I know I have mentioned them many times. What a thrill to visit with them, the most delightful family. Kenneth was the daddy rabbit and I learned a lot from him. Eilene was a strong beautiful lady, and could sing as well as any professional. The kids were great, there was Harry, Kenny, David & Robert then there was Glenda (now of Okeechobee, FL), Juanelle, Irma, Mary, Vickie & Lil. They were all a delight to be around. That was a funny thing when we went on a picnic together the kids got to eat our sandwiches and hot dogs and we got to eat roast, homegrown corn, beans etc.

Churches have always been part of our upbringing and lives. Although many of my beliefs have changed and I have become more liberal in my thinking, the basics are still there. I was raised with: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ I still think it is a good philosophy to live by.


(Some of you know Sherry sits across from me on her computer her area is(was) a little neater, now mine is the neatest!)

Thanks for coming by the log. (Make a note to come back please!)

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Fred Alton said...

Made that note to come back! Been out riding the mule today. Leaving at 6:00 in the morning with hopes of harvesting another deer!

Anonymous said...

Took me a couple of years to learn making notes, ever since though I rarely leave home without paper and pencil; and yes, at home as well.

May you all be able to write only good things and a good Thursday as well.

Paula said...

I hate to say it but my computer desk is a mess. When I go to my youngest daughter's house there is not one thing on her desk but the computer. Someday I'm going to snoop and see where she keeps all her "stuff".

Dar said...

I'm writing notes all the time, and lists, maybe more so. Once while on vacation, I'm looking for the cash, and could not find it. When referring to my list, I had to tell Bill that the reason I could not find it, was because it was not on the list. Sure enough, when we got home, there it was right where it was supposed to be.
I still keep lists and notes, and sometimes I even look at them to help with 'recall.'
Take care, liked this one Jack. You just had to remind me that the memory is failing, didn't ya.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive, so I always have notes lying around. The only other problem is my old-timers disease and I write notes that are barely legible, and then try to decipher them. Life's a new journey every day.


shirl72 said...

I have to make notes so I will know what to do.
I make a grocery list and get to the store and
the note is back home. My notes keep me on
schedule. Sticky notes everywhere.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Notes are easier to keep track of if you use one of those spiral notebooks to keep them in. I found this out when I used to work. They are cheap to buy and don't take up much room. I love using them because unlike a slip of paper they don't make a mess and when I need to remember something it's easy to look back. I date each note too. Hope your day is a great one!

Rose said...

I make notes to me all the time. I also have my computer to Alert me of appointments to keep and also have my Day Timer do the same.

We all need NOTES!

Super windy and chilly here in South Florida!

Hugs, Rose