Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving, better late than never!! (Entry 2 of 3)


While in Utah, Josh got to see his Brother and his niece ELSIE MAE! While there in thought, I want to thank Joan who reads regularly and e-mails often. Elsie Mae is also her Great Grand Daughter (but loves me the best!!!After seeing me twice!!!LOL).

To continue the recognition of folks who have helped inspire whatever I have written on the Shipslog:

Thanks to my buddies from youth, (sometimes they are smart enough to read, if the words ain’t too big!) Buddy and Tuck two of the greatest guys ever, heroes in my life and in my books.

51 stud

(Shirl and her husband were Studebaker collectors)

Sister Shirl, a Nun (?) here locally comments, thanks Shirl, love you girl. (She is really my sister but she doesn’t tell anyone). She lives like a Nun, better scratch that, She now has a ‘friend’, Smoky, who helps keep her out of trouble and off the streets. Thanks Shirl and especially THANKS SMOKE!

Helen, who took such good care of Ruth, Thanks for reading and also for all you have done for Ruth & the family.

Las Vegas, Howard, thanks out there my buddy, thanks for the E-mails. Love ya!


(A Hudson from the 1950’s)

On our trip around the country we went to Park Falls, Wisconsin. We went especially to meet two sisters Mel and Darla. We got a bargain. A tour of the area, met Mama, Slim and Bill and a host of family. Made friends with Sy (who dubbed me ‘magic Jack’) and we were given the King and Queens’s tour of the area. Thanks. AND Since then we have met (via the net) another sister, Cher, she seems to be just as deranged as the others. By that, I really mean she too cooks up a storm. I gain weight just reading the blogs. Hahahahaha Thanks girls you are sweet hearts.


(Slim on his was to pick up Mel at her deer stand)

It is dangerous to do this, I don’t want to offend anyone I may have skipped coming off the top of my head.

Many folk on here know Linda the Blue Ridge Boomer. We met Linda where she works at a NC State park; she is a keeper, with a home on a mountain with a beautiful view.

John Haywood and his wife that we met in Missouri stop by every once in awhile.

Evelyn! What can I say, she graduated from HS with Sherry. Every phone call brings out the HS Annuals (year books). Also I think she has an automatic e-mail sender at about 8:30-9. “WHERE IS THE BLOG! NO EXCUSES!” She and Don are also RV’ers.

I plan to continue tomorrow night, thanks for coming this way. I appreciate it.

Nite Shipslog


  Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go.
There's a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can't get away.

jack wagon

(Just to let you see one of my careers! Yes I was a ‘Roach Coach Driver’ too.)


Cher' Shots said...

Thanks for accepting my friendship even AFTER meeting my sisters! lol
'hugs from afar'

betty said...

this is really neat how you are doing this, Jack; also kind of sums up your and Sherry's trip across the country and all the good memories from that! looking forward to reading part 3 tomorrow!

(and wow, I'm the second comment this time :)


Anonymous said...

A joy to read at nearly half past three in the morning. Impressive to learn about the many works you did, do and will make. Please have you all a good Sunday.

Paula said...

Is there any job you haven't done? Nice entry!

Fred Alton said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of the old cars. Dad was a Studebaker. When I was 16, we (Wil, Lowell and I) bought a '40 model from the junkyard and overhauled it. Dad said (later) that he was happy for us to have that old car to work on cause he figgered it'd keep us out of trouble! It did take up lots of spare time for three boys.

Fred Alton said...

LoL - Dad was a Studebaker MAN! He started with a '49, then '50 & '52 Chanpion, '54 Landcruiser, '56 Hawk, then '57 Champion.